GML: Vaness Alegacy Has a “Change of Heart”

It’s like they say, you never forget your first. Be it a kiss or in this case a single release. So for years to come Toronto native Vaness Alegacy will always remember “Change of Heart” as her debut and we talked about that, sweet treats, the lack of makeup and more in this week’s GML exchange. After that, make sure to keep on reading for tour announcements and video picks!

Kendra: “Change of Heart” may be your debut single, but is this the first song you ever worked on, or was it just the first you felt really captured who you are as an artist?

Vaness Alegacy: I used to be in a rock band before this actually. About two years ago we split and I decided I was going to pursue a solo career. “Change of Heart” was one of the first songs I wrote with my friend and producer Giordan Postorino. He sent me the beat and the song kind of wrote itself.

Kendra: What’s the one thing you’ll likely never have a change of heart about?

Vaness: I will never have a change of heart regarding Oreo cookies. I have and always will be a chocolate chip kinda girl.

Kendra; Being one of your influences, have you adopted Alicia Keys’ no makeup way of life?

Vaness: I absolutely LOVE Alicia Keys, I used to think if we met, we’d be best friends instantly…BUT I have always hated wearing makeup, in fact I only learned how to do my own makeup like a year ago. If you notice in most of my Instagram videos and almost ALWAYS on Snapchat I never have makeup on. It’s such a drag to put on and I can’t bother most of the time. But, I do wear it for shows and shoots as you can see in my music video. More importantly, I love what the movement stands for even more than the convenience of not wearing makeup.

Kendra: You’ve played around Toronto, but can we expect you to head down to the US come 2017?

Vaness: I would love to come to the States and play, it’s always been a goal of mine. But we will see where this single takes me. Keeping the faith though!

Kendra: What other plans do you have going on right now? Will “Change of Heart” be on a debut record soon?

Vaness: I have a lot that I’ve been working on. I’m always creating. I’m not too sure about an Album though, I think I’m going to play the singles game for while, and maybe put out a few more video. But it’s definitely something I’m thinking about for the future.

Kendra: If you were asked to contribute one song to a mixtape all about a second chance at love, what song (other than “Change of Heart”) would you put on there?

Vaness: I have another song I recently wrote called “Boxes,” it’s not out yet, but I’m thinking that would be the one that would fit best. It’s about making room in your heart for new love, in order to do that you need to pack up and move out all the old love.

Now for some tour news that came out this week. Yeesh will actually be in St. Louis tomorrow night and will be out for about a month before they close things down in Chicago on November 19. Right before Halloween Joan of Arc will be play a show in the Windy City, and come the new year they’ll start in Indiana at the end of January and go through Valentine’s Day where they’ll play Chicago once again. As far as tours that kick off in November, we have Radkey. You probably already saw that you check out their dates above. Then there are a couple of more that’ll be here in January. Title Fight will have a mini run right at the start, while Frank Turner will head out for a month starting on the 19th in Maryland. Now that you have tickets to buy, check out some videos with this week’s picks!

The Japanese House “Face Like Thunder”

King Henry feat. Naations “Don’t Stay Away”

Ptarmigan “A Magician of Sorts”

Young Sierra “The Lights”

Jarrow “James Impala”


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