Par 6: Be Kind, Rewind

America, fuck yeah! That’s all I could think as work surprised us minions with a half day before the fireworks got underway. My happy soundtrack consists of records that won’t stop being amazing and new ones like Par 6’s new one Be Kind, Rewind; a feel good pop rock record.

As Be Kind, Rewind continues to be a part of my life, bands like Simple Plan and Boys Like Girls come to mind. “Talk Me Up” had lines on a loop that made it play like a pop record, while “Say Goodbye” was definitely similar to those “Perfect” men from up north.

The other half caused a generation gap. “Rewind” had sugary lyrics, but the music was enough to push it out of the tween crowd. But for Par 6 to appeal to a crowd that can drink and drive (never together though), then “Out of Time” will do the trick.

To recap, or rather rewind, Par 6’s Be Kind, Rewind is a record that will play better to people whose biggest stress comes from homecomings and Facebook drama. That crowd that just wants a fun, musical escape. Yup, it’s youthful rock that’s ready for you if that’s what you’re into. Be Kind, Rewind is out now, so get it!

Fireworks at Warped: So Random

Saving the best for last? Going to be bias and say yes. Fireworks is one of those bands that falls into your lap, and refuses to leave. Their music gets lumped into that “pop punk revival” category with the likes of The Wonder Years, but to me…They don’t fit there. Their music is fit for the Warped Tour crowd, but their songs have these out of ordinary structures and infectious hooks that leave set them apart.

Missing their press time in Irvine I waited around in Pomona. Then in a back and forth texting session with their tour manager, Baloni, we just decided to do the interview in their bus. There were some questions that were for them, but in the end we did another popcorn style. When I thought it was over, they wanted to continue. Baloni gave us the go ahead and what came about was a hilarious interview that went on and on and one. The result being a memory I’ll take forever and a two part interview. The first part being a handful of questions that are pretty straight forward and the remainder a Tiger Beat style list of Firework Facts, enjoy!

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Alex and Jack of All Time Low: Hopeless, Cold Sores and Will Smith

A couple years ago there were two songs that were catchy as hell and both bands were playing Warped Tour. One was checking yes with a chick named Juliet and the other was talking about Maria. Sadly my friend and I watched We The Kings, so it took some time for me to fall head over heels for All Time Low. Yes, their age demographic is on the young side and they’re pop rock isn’t the pop punk I grew up with, but after seeing them countless times when me and my roommate got a bit obsessive (her more than me), I was convinced that they were a talented band who would lead the way for many youths in the next wave of Warped teens.

Then came a bump in the road when they released their last record, Dirty Work. It was their major label debut and it was…well let’s just say One Direction could’ve sung some of those songs. But every band is bound to have those mishaps, but the great thing is that one oopsie hasn’t stopped All Time Low. They’re recording new music, on Warped Tour all summer and may or may not be going back to their home on Hopeless Records.

So after about a 30 minute wait at Warped, I got to sit in the lovely shade with Jack and Alex for a quick chat and let it be known that this will go down as a favorite memory for me, between Jack saying he wasn’t going to talk much, then well, you’ll see…to Alex and I calling Jack a racist, enjoy! And if you want to know why we joked, tweet us!

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