GML: Nap Time

6am wake up calls to beat the high prices of Uber. I need a nap. I have needed a nap since this year started. Nevertheless I will push through today and forget that Matchbox Twenty tickets are too damn expensive. There is nothing cheap about something that costs $50 bucks. Let’s get to some other tours now. Like Goddammit who’ll be heading out tomorrow actually. They’ll start in Pennsylvania and end in West Virginia on the 12th.  Then there’s Butterscotch, a woman who got her start impressing the hell out of us with her beat boxing skills. She’ll be in Palm Springs this weekend at The Dinah Festival. From there she’ll be all over through June.

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Thursday Tracks: Country Songs to Fuck With

My mom is not a huge music fan. She basically likes the most random assortment of songs she hears performed on Ellen. That’s today. Back in the ‘90s though it was whatever country music played on the radio. That’s what cemented an appreciation for the genre in me, but I’m not the type to say it’s the best thing on earth. I just think there are certain songs that represent better than others…like the ones below…

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Wrapped in the Covers: Kacey Musgraves “Merry Go Round”

Yesterday Emma White went on about her love of a lot of amazing women, but it was her mention of Kacey Musgraves that influenced this week’s cover choice. A song I loved the second I heard her perform it at the Grammys, I was excited to spend the morning listening to a handful of renditions from various voices. Now let’s check out these great “Merry Go Round” covers.

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