Nobody, Ever: This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates

nobody-ever-the-wall-is-dedicated-to-liam-and-his-mates-reviewEvery day my Twitter and Facebook are bombarded by first world problems from friends. Every day I roll my eyes and drown out their idiocracy with music. Today’s choice to battle their ignorance is Nobody, Ever’s This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates. They call their selves emo rock, and I’ll agree that if Chris Carrabba grew a pair then this is what he’d sound like. Music that has all the feelings of emo, but the power of grit filled rock.

At first with “When Your Heart’s Already Left” I wanted to write these guys off as The Gaslight Anthem or something, and then I started to like them so I scratched that. Sorry Gaslight, I just associate you with car sickness in San Francisco. By the end of our time together that song had become my number one. I even sang along loud in this apartment at 11:11am, making wishes all the while. The song captures what 99% of people go through; regret. It’s that regret of saying something and instantly wanting to take it back. We’ve all been there at least once –or twice, maybe three times. “The Last Good Thing” will hit home to those who’ve lost a love one, while “Room 505” will remind you why you gave this record a chance in the first place.

If you’re a fan of bands like The Ataris when Kris Roe is pissed at the world, then Nobody, Ever is the band you’ve been looking for. Their emotions run high, but their graveled filled rock runs higher. Check out This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates, out now.

Little Big League: These Are Good People

little-big-league-these-are-good-people-reviewFinally picked up some freelance articles so I will have grocery money! Let’s celebrate the little victories in life with Little Big League’s There Are Good People shall we? This record sounds like you took a 90’s alternative band, cleaned them off and pushed them down an indie rock hallway and said, have at it.

Dark Matter” was bugging me the whole time. Oh no, I didn’t find it an annoyance. I was just upset I couldn’t pinpoint what it sounded familiar to. Then after going through a list of one hit wonders from like 15 years ago, it hit me. Something about the music reminded me of Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire.” The rest of the record played like an original though. Most of it lost on me because I couldn’t really bite my teeth into anything really. The only two that came close to satisfying my musical appetite were the lighter “Lindsey” and “Brackish Water.” If you only have a second, check those two out. Say I sent you.

Little Big League isn’t the best flavor for me, but if you’re into bands like Rilo Kiley and The Elected then by all means – grab a fork and dig in. You can preorder These Are Good People now, or wait for it to drop on August 6th on Tiny Engines.