The Crimson Hues of Hannah Trigwell’s Debut

Photo Credit: Tom Martin

The name struck me as too familiar not to search it out. There she was not once, but twice. Hannah Trigwell‘s take on both Katy Perry and Fleetwood Mac had caught my attention a couple of times. Now it wasn’t about what she’d done in the past but about the present and future. Now we have her new single, “Nobody,” and soon we’ll have her debut album, RED.

With countless aspiring artists on YouTube covering everyone from Paramore to Ed Sheeran, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Not Hannah. She rose above and certainly beyond – and she’s still on the rise. We talked about where she’s been and where she’s going as her debut RED sits as one of the most anticipated releases of 2018.

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Lauren Lakis Sets Phasers To Ferocious and Stuns Along the Way

Photo Credit: Carlos M. Gonzalez

Standing on your own two feet strikes fear in most. Because when you fall, it’s all on you. I wish I’d asked Lauren Lakis about the fears she felt before heading out on her own. While that wasn’t something that came up, we did talk about the inspiration behind leaving a trail of bands in her past as she focused on herself in the present. That was where our conversation naturally started. Where did it end? You’ll have to read to find out but note that along the way you’ll get some information about her “Ferocious” single, an SXSW adventure and more.

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Louise Lemón’s Forward Motion

To sit stagnantly is not a life. We are not statues to be left on display. While it’d be nice to never deal with the pain of moving on, it’s a necessity to grow. Louise Lemón knows all too well about that. When it came time for her to pack her things and go, she felt the toll it tool on her both mentally and physically. All of that culminated into “Malex” a song that would later find its way on an EP by the same name. We talked about moving on, undead dinners and more.

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