#FBF: This Is Never Ever Happening Again

During college I was really cool. No, like insanely cool. I watched Hannah Montana, swore Troy Bolton was the best boyfriend in the world and loved spending my free time laughing at Cory in the House. With that, I became quite obsessed with meeting these young stars and no, sadly this is not about an encounter with Zac Efron. Me and my friend have failed twice – so much so that it’s still a sore subject for us. Hell, this isn’t even about meeting a Disney star. However, because of my love for the channel at the time – I found myself at the premiere for the Another Cinderella Story premiere and yes, I met Selena Gomez but let’s talk about how my robot got a picture with her BFF T. Swift. Yes, Taylor Swift.

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GML: Billy Moon Takes Us Down Odd “Roads”

Starting something new this week with GML. While I love talking about something new every week, I thought that the best way to make this even more so an homage to my love Carson Daly was to not only dish video and tour news, but give you an interview each week. So first up we’re checking in with Canada’s Billy Moon. With it comes not only his new video for “Roads,” but also his dates – both of which you can check out below. Then stay tuned after that for more tour news and video picks of the week!

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The Harmonious Life of Sara Andon

As September comes to an end, so too does our look at women in the music education realm. What we learned this month is that a lot of them are not only professors but artists themselves, and Sara Andon is no different. A recording artist, orchestral musician, chamber musician, session musician and a flutist – Sara has her plate very full but it seems like she wouldn’t have it any other way. Teaching flute at the University of Redlands and Idyllwild Arts Academy is only one facet of her life, and now we’ll learn more about the busy bee.

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