GML: No Sleep

Five hours from when my hands started to write this. That’s when I have to be up to get ready for an exhilarating trip to the chemo clinic where my fiance will have blood drawn, chemo pumped in and then in a turn of events – we’ll talk to a psychologist or something about getting his stem cell transplant. Not too sure why you have to have that, but we’ll say whatever we need to. So let me get to this so I can get to sleep and get to that. We’ll start with Moose Blood! They’ll be out this summer, and lucky for you – the dates are above…Now for more urgent tour news, Little Dragon’s already out there. They were in Texas the other night and are now on their merry way through the rest of the US until they hit NYC at the very end of August.

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Thursday Tracks: Birth Mix

Shows staring predominantly white casts like to say that turning 30 is this epic deal. Well my 30th came and went this week and I feel no different because of it. I also didn’t get the chance to do something amazing to celebrate because of 2017 being the year I’d rather fast forward to, but nonetheless here are songs that topped the charts the year I popped out of my mom.

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Wrapped in the Covers: Paramore “Hard Times”

And to think that I was going to go awhile without doing yet another Paramore feature, but then they went and released a new song and I fell head over heels. We all go through shit but lawd, this year has made me laugh at what I once complained about. Falling in love, getting engaged and between that finding out the person who makes me feel totally fine with who I am has cancer. So hard times, yeah we’ve faced a pretty big dose this year and I promise that when we make it through this, we’ll dance hard AF to this song at our wedding.

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