The Audible Swiftness of Makk Mikkael

Some years ago Makk Mikkael was one of the many teens obsessing over Taylor Swift. The blend of pop and country spoke volumes to her. Swift was not only inspired to start singing, but she soon picked up a guitar and started posting covers on YouTube. While country was where she spent her early teens, she moved onward. She notes of her style now, “I’m happy I’ve found my sound. I’m inspired by the Toronto R&B scene and I feel like my music represents where I’m currently at right now.” Now is where we are and we’re talking about her latest single “How It Feels,” her time in Los Angeles, and next steps.

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Mélissa Laveaux Takes Listeners Abroad

Knowing her album needed something more than her current locale could offer her, Mélissa Laveaux bought a ticket to Haiti and let the homeland of her parents to its thing. The sights, sounds, and all around culture worked overtime because it took Mélissa less than a week to record a Haitian inspired record. That’s where we’re starting but not where we’re ending. Read the words below, then not only are you going to want to pick up Radyo Siwèl, out now, but you’re also going to want to check her out live if you can in London on April 13th.

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