The Happy Illusions of Lavender Child

As we prepare to wind down with the end of the year approaching, artists like Lavender Child are just getting started. She’s got a lot coming up but we focused on the here and now, and a little on the past as we took a hippy inspired trip back in time for a second. Of course, we returned to talk about her latest single “Happy Illusions” and more.

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Deciphering The Language of Kat McDowell’s Heart

Knowing a multitude of languages is one of the grandest advantages one can have. It’s not only good if you want to work in international business, but also from a creative aspect. Artists like Kat McDowell was born with Japanese in her heart but over the years other tongues have become as much a part of her existence as her first. Inspired by a friend who spoke a variety of languages like herself, she penned the delight “Language of My Heart.” We talked about what her heart would speak today, how it was like growing up with English as her second language and a lot more like what’s coming from her in 2018!

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Bülow’s Next Big Move

Moving is nothing new to Bülow. At 17-years-old she’s lived more places than the average person twice her age. She feels it’s made her more independent. Which is a good thing because after she says goodbye to high school next year, she’s packing her things and leaving the Netherlands for Canada.

Doing music for as long as she can remember, the next step is to dive in 100% after graduation. But first, she’ll have to finish things up while simultaneously doing what she does with her latest single, “This Is Not a Love Song.” We talked about the single, her purposeful sound, and what’ next.

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