Darden Travel Through It All Side By Side

Whether it’s football or movies, every family has at least one thing that bonds them above everything else. For the sisters that make up Darden, it’s music. Their family even hit the road early on in their lives for sound and that’s where we had to start because…hello, how freaking cool is that? While I could’ve asked them a million and one more questions about the road, I let the conversation move on to their new home, their Blink 182 cover, Topanga Canyon and of course working with their sisters around the clock.

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Balancing Sound with Veronica Bianqui

Photo Credit: Ceethreedom

Life is all about balance. At least that’s what Veronica Bianqui is all about when it comes to her song constructions. Whether with The Blank Tapes or on her own, she’s always got some balancing act to work on.

We talked about her time split between being in a band and on her own and what she’s learned from the varying experiences, and she noted, “If anything, being in bands has taught me different ways to not let obstacles hold me back—it’s taught me more about how to deal with other people, including how to play with others and how to write songs with a band in mind. And with a band containing 9 members, such as mine that’s important!”

Open and honest, Veronica also opened up about her cornucopia of sound, her new single “Victim” and even made a mixtape for one of the most famous names in music along the way.

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Amy Lawton Comes “Undone”

One never forgets their first…release that is! For Amy Lawton, that’s the truth. She just dropped her debut single “Undone” and was kind enough to talk to us about it. Based on an incident with an ex, we found out that even if they’d never come back around – there was more music up her sleeve, which we cannot wait to hear. A refreshing country sound with pop sewn in from London, Amy is one to watch in the coming months as she has a handful of things coming up. Find out what below! Read More »