Mélissa Laveaux Takes Listeners Abroad

Knowing her album needed something more than her current locale could offer her, Mélissa Laveaux bought a ticket to Haiti and let the homeland of her parents to its thing. The sights, sounds, and all around culture worked overtime because it took Mélissa less than a week to record a Haitian inspired record. That’s where we’re starting but not where we’re ending. Read the words below, then not only are you going to want to pick up Radyo Siwèl, out now, but you’re also going to want to check her out live if you can in London on April 13th.

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Expand Your Universe with Cebratrack

Photo Credit: Fredrik Karlsson

Sharing the same school with Bonander, Cebratrack stumbled this little blog here and I’m glad she did. She’s got this great sound that’s all her, especially the new gem “Universe.” The latest single was a huge part of our back and forth as was her life as a podcaster, sexism, feminism and more.

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The Odds of This Way North

Photo Credit: Nat Ord

What are the odds that you could travel around the world and wind up meeting someone from where you are? No really, what are they? Because that was the reality for the Australian pair that make up This Way North. Cat Leahy and Leisha Jungalwalla were a world away from their own homes when they had a chance encounter in Canada. After hitting it off, well the music soon came and This Way North was born. Roots rock was where they started, but they changed lanes this time around. We talked about why they decided to switch it up on the new record, their touring that picks back up in April, and more.

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