Dynasty Pushes Straight Up Authenticity

Photo Credit: Eight20Eight Inc.
Photo Credit: Eight20Eight Inc.

When it comes to running the world, Dynasty has her plans all laid out. Not only a skilled emcee, she’s also a youth advocate pushing change and positivity on the kids of America. That’s not something every artist can say they’re playing a first hand role in. We talked about her work empowering young minds, as well as her rhymes and even more in our back and forth.

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My Body: Seven Wives

One month ago to the day My Body dropped their new EP, Seven Wives. That night they played a release show. In their own words the album is based upon Stephen Millhauser’s Thirteen Wives, but that’s the beauty of music and any art really – when taken in by an outsider, the perspective rarely stays the same. When I walked into this album, I was fascinated more by the sounds than the story; a rarity for me.

Musically I loved what came from “Blowout.” Like a modern day girl group from the ’90s but with far less vocals chiming in, and less of an overtly pop sound, this led the way for the coolness to come. I felt like “Half a Heart to Holler” and “Mood” were the popular kids of the record. The kind who skip class with no care in the world. Talks of lust and love in one, and a bit of a bounce in the other, these two are destined for mixtapes you give to friends to get them into new music. On the other side though, I felt worldly because to me “Samesies” and “Pomme” both lightly touched on some Asian, Middle Eastern sounds that you don’t hear executed too well in western music. Here though, so delicate, they worked.

In just a handful of songs Seven Wives gave me a few scenarios to imagine, none of which likely intended by the artists. That’s okay though because it’s art. So you can draw your own conclusions from My Body’s latest because it’s out now, so check that out. Then make sure to see this wonderful duo at the Crystal Ballroom with Phantogram on March 1, and then again at the Treefort Music Fest March 22-26.

GML: Music is Always Good Behavior

Do you like Best Coast? Do you like supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood? Then you’re going to love this benefit show coming up in Los Angeles on March 4 at the El Rey. They’ll be joined by Grouplove, The Side Eyes, Liz Phair and many, many more. If you miss out on that, well Conor Oberst will be in Nebraska on March 9. He’ll be out on the road for the whole month before taking a break until May, and then he’ll brake again in June before returning to that tour life July 14 in Kentucky. Another act heading out for a month in March is Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads. They’ll start at The Mint in LA and zip around before returning to California in early April.

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