Ruby Fray’s Sound Combination Plate with a Side of “Cilantro”

Photo Credit: Bryan Parker

If there’s one way to get my attention, it’s mentioning pesto which is what one of my new favorite people, Ruby Fray’s Emily Beanblossom, did within the confines of our chat. Making it with cilantro, I (and by I I mean my fiance) must try her recipe. The reason we talked of the wonderful herb was because that’s the latest single from Ruby Fray.

With a sound as blended as Emily’s pesto recipe, Ruby Fray combines elements of the 60’s with modern day folk and even some country to create music that spans the spectrum of human emotion wrapped into an indie pop package. From rapid energy to cool, calm and collected. Emily opened up about all of the above, as well as her move from Austin to Chicago, each woman’s role in the band and a whole lot more.

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Iskwé Soldiers On for The Fight Within

A first today, speaking with an artist who represents her Native American heritage loud and proud in all she does. From her music to the stage, Iskwé brings forth her culture and community. That was a heavy part of our conversation as was her upcoming release The Fight Within, her latest single “Soldier” and our mutual disdain for a certain public figure.

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