Amber Mark Brings The Heat To A Fall Run

About two weeks ago Amber Mark packed her bags, stepped out of her NYC home and headed out on tour with Glass Animals. To date, she’s played down the west coast and tonight hits the Aragon Ballroom stage in Chicago. With a couple more weeks left, you’ve still got time to see her perform music from her debut, 3:33 am, including her latest single, “Heatwave.”

From the road, she opened up about the significance of numerics, which stop she was most excited to cross off her bucket list, what she does during a hot day in NYC and more. Read what she had to say, and don’t forget to catch her out on tour now with Glass Animals.

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Jess Fairlie’s Got Her White Coat On

There isn’t a musician alive that hasn’t spent a great deal of their youth listening to records, trying to imitate those sounds as they dreamed of their future on stage. For Melbourne’s Jess Fairlie, it was a mixture of 70’s soul and country pop. Today she’s got a style all her own that combines a soulful vocal with a bit of pop. We talked about those artists, her latest single “White Coats,” and one hell of a mixtape!

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Get Immersed in Halina Rice’s Soundwaves

One of the most exciting times for a musician is when their hard work finally comes to fruition. Each album release like a new beginning, they wait for that drop. For Halina Rice, that day is coming soon. October 20th the world will get her latest, REDUX. After that she said she’ll be playing various dates around the London area. We talked at length about immersive landscapes, her current single “Drive” and a lot more.

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