The Future of Golden Mixtape

golden-mixtapeWe’re at the end of the year and I’ve come to realize that this blog is one of the only constants I’ve had since leaving the confines of a classroom years ago. People and jobs come and go, but this has always been there to offer some kind of solace so I could never just pull the plug on it like a dramatic Grey’s Anatomy scene. However, I’ve thought long and hard about the next step so this is it – each day will be dedicated to one aspect; reviews, interviews, covers, top 10 lists and music videos. Why? Well because as you get older, you like structure more and more and when all you do is write for a living…you have to definitely try and stay on task way more than others who live a 9-5.

So as we wind down 2014, Golden Mixtape will be off this week as I sit and organize the coming year. We’ll see how well that structure works and if it’s cool I’ll stick with it. Mondays will be dedicated to an album review, an interview on Tuesday, covers and top 10 lists will remain on Wednesday and Thursday and then I’ll feature my favorite videos from the week on Friday. That’s pretty simple. I had to think of something to keep this blog going but at the same time give myself a break because again – writing is how I pay my bills and sometimes I have to give more time to writing “20 Things You Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez” to make a buck. Hey, when you’re like me, traditional work just isn’t what you were meant to do.

So with that, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite GIFs and see you in the new year!