Johanna Amelie Straightforward Roar

The simplicity found within Johanna Amelie is an inspiriting experience. Which is likely why she’s been able to keep herself busy all summer playing throughout Germany. Last week she took the stage at the Melodica Festival in Nottingham, and today she’ll be at the Artlake Festival in See, Germany. While she was hush-hush about what’s next this fall, she did reveal some stories behind fan favorites like “Lion Babe” and “From Within,” as well as her idols and more.

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Claire Hawkins Next Adventure Awaits

A woman with pop in her heart and an Americana spirit, Claire Hawkins just dropped Even These Words by playing a show at New York City’s Bitter End. We chatted about that, and with it came the revelation that she’s leaving the city that never sleeps for Europe very soon! We wish her on her upcoming adventure! But before she jets off, make sure to learn more about this singer-songwriter who balances music with NYU, learned about the Stones from her dad, and more!

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Frances Rose Slay the NYC Scene

Photo Credit: Eric Mooney

Some families just have a thing, and for Sarah and Michelle – their family was all about harmonies, chords, progressions. Music was an essential part of their existence. Sarah even pointed out, it’s something they have had in them since birth and with that, the sisters partnered up in their teens and from that came Frances Rose.

A pop duo based in the dark pop realm of New York City’s music scene. Frances Rose douse their pop with hints of grunge and take listeners for a ride, especially with their latest single “Read My Body.” We talked a bit about that, a little about David Boreanaz, and of course what’s next for the pair.

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