Shannen Moser: Oh, My Heart

No matter where you presently are, everywhere you called home has shaped who you are up until this second. I will forever have a sense of trailer trash within myself that causes me to scoff at the haves acting like the have-nots, and for Shannen Moser the miles of farmland gave way to her appreciation for the rustic folk sound found on her latest, Oh, My Heart.

Back in January Shannen self-released Oh, My Heart and come April it was given the re-mastered treatment and dropped digitally. Now come June 16th it’ll be released physically. So it’s been a long journey for this collection of songs that present the purity of storytelling that lives within Shannen. Straightforward and raw are what comes to mind when playing back songs like “Watershed” and “A Funeral, A Friend, My Sanity.” Other admirable elements included the Appalachian sounds of “I’m Going Home (Sacred Harp)” and the solemn yet calming power of “Yr Undertaker.”

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GML: On the Road Again

We have so many tours to talk about, so let’s get right to it! Cymbals Eat Guitars started their lengthy run this week in D.C. and tonight they’ll be in Boston. Don’t worry. I said lengthy and I mean it. They’ll be out until the end of July.So you’ll have your chance! Cigarettes After Sex also got started this week, but overseas in freaking Tokyo. They’ll be hitting here and there throughout the rest of the year. Make sure to head here for more info on where they’ll be around the world through December 7. If you’re not in Boston and can’t check out Cymbals Eat Guitars, but find yourself in New Jersey, check out Lorna Shore. After that, they’ll be out for a month before they wind down in Virginia on June 19th. You can check out all of their dates below! Rounding out May, The Elovaters. They will be kicking off their summer run in LA on the 29th and ending it on June 24th in Missouri.

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Thursday Tracks: Graduation Day!

Graduations are happening throughout the country right now from now until mid-June. High school students seniors will soon be the bottom of the barrel freshman once again in college. Which, great! They can be a little cocky at 17-18. Then, of course, you have those college kids who are actually adults heading into the “real world.” Good luck to them…it’s hell outside of the classroom. Anyways, let’s take a look at some of the best songs to walk across that stage too. Yes, I had to include a few of the most played out ones…ever.

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