Sliding Down the Rabbit Hole with WRTCH

As I get older, the new slang starts to become more and more foreign to me. Me saying “on fleek” sounds as normal as my mom insisting on using “da bomb”…in 2017. However, basic – that’s a word I can and will use, but it’s far from what’d I’d use to describe the likes of wrtch.

One of the most interesting artists I’ve come across in recent years, wrtch is experimental in her work. Taking the ambiance of the darkness and shining a light on it with her own personal thoughts and experiences. It was as much an adventure to listen to her latest release, Rabbit Holes [andotherexits], as it was to hear about it in her own words. Now it’s your turn to hear about the album, her hospital stays and more.

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Frederick The Younger’s Jenni Cochran Nostalgic Sunshine

We’re heading down south to Kentucky today to talk with Jenni Cochran. Born and bred in Cleveland, but in the Bluegrass State for the past six years, Jenni grew up with a love of the southern charm. She spent much her earlier years falling in love with a lot of the ’50s and ‘60s country music, especially Patsy Cline. Which is likely why she and the rest of Frederick The Younger have a retro quality in their indie rock. We talked about the music – more specifically their latest album Human Child – touring and more!

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Anna Rose: Strays in the Cut

The worst thing about a hospital other than the constant fear of what may be lurking around each corner is the horrendous WiFi. You’d think one of the best places in the country for health care would have a better connection? That aside, I was in and out of listening to Anna Rose’s latest release, Strays in the Cut. A few words came to mind when listening; sensual, delicate and rock.

We’ll start with that last note. Right from the start I felt this was going to be a Lita Ford like record turned down a just a bit. Anna Rose delivered definite forces with “Force of Nature” as well as “Under Your Skin,” but that wasn’t all she had up her sleeve. That’s where “Bury Me Deep” came into play. A very sensual song that gave way to a whole other side of who Anna is as an artist, it was surprising at first after hearing that rocker side but a delight nevertheless. Then of course there’s that delicate touch. Heard when “Start a War” and “Natural Disaster” came around. With those, it was nice to just hear what Anna could do vocally without all the bells and whistles.

With the WiFi under control, and the waiting room settling, my time with Anna Rose has come to an end…for today. With that, fans that find themselves loving everyone from Lita Ford to Sheryl Crow will want to check out what Anna Rose is all about on her latest, Strays in the Cut, out now.