El’Vee Catches Feelings

For Lilian and Vivian, life together and in sync has always made sense. The twin sisters found their passion for music and fashion together growing up in England but made a sound decision to move back to Nigeria to continue their career as El’Vee.

Of course, they didn’t just hop on a plane one day. Lilian noted a healthy dose of prayer and hard work got them back to Nigeria, while Vivian said it was all about saving, strategizing and making sure they were in the right state of mind. In the end it seems to be working out well.

Delivering Afro-Pop to the world, El’Vee has been featured on Nigerian Sounds and Sound City TV. They sat down to talk about the Nigerian scene, their latest single, “Feelings,” and catching those feels.

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Miriam Tamar Delivers a World of Sound

Think about your own musical taste. How many continents does it reach? For many, it may be one or two, three if you’re really stretching. For Miriam Tamar, her sound travels wide and far. Considering herself a world fusion artist, there isn’t a place she hasn’t felt inspired by. From the clubs of Uganda to the hip-hop of Los Angeles, she takes note of every sound she comes across. We talked about that, her worldly perspective, and her latest singles that are pure fire.

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