Rubyfruit’s Half Moon’s Rising

Soon enough Denver-based Rubyfruit will drop their first EP, Half Moon on August 5. That same day the duo will be out and about on tour with Evening Darling through the 13th. Jenny and Kate talked about the interesting item they’ll have on the road, the personalities of Half Moon and more…

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Camille Peruto’s Adventurous Sonata

An Eagles fan by blood and a personal fan of the Phillies it’s easy to know where Camille Peruto has grown up and called home. A Philly-based singer-songwriter who did her time on American Idol when it was still on Fox, Camille combined reality and fantasy on her latest LP From The Sea To The Sky. We talked about her past in front of the judges, her present with a guinea pig named Bella and her future filled with even more.

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Bonnie Li’s Intercontinental Symphony

Photo Credit: Kiril Bikov

She wouldn’t call herself a master of language, even though she knows her way around a handful of them. See Bonnie Li has called a lot of places home, including China where she grew up. An intriguing note in her story that we talked about, including whether or not her youth filled with various cultures made their way into her music today. Find out if they did and a lot more…

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