Wrapped in the Covers: Blackstreet “No Diggity”

Photo Credit: thevisionofpeerpressure.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: thevisionofpeerpressure.tumblr.com

With no clue what song to pick this week, I let my boyfriend do it. His reasoning…”it was one his favorite songs growing up.” It also had a video with a puppet. He made me shout out the puppet by name, so yay for Lil Penny – also note that I was made fun of for noting his name as “Little Penny.” Now that you know the mini history of how this week’s pick was chosen, check out these awesome covers of Blackstreet’sNo Diggity.”

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My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure on Love Lost and Burritos


There was one Christmas, I think I’d turned five. It was months before I’d no longer be the baby and be deemed the middle child forever. Toys were everywhere; rollerskates, a badass Barbie that came with a show pony, paints and even some pom poms. What did I spend my time playing with? A cardboard box. You can’t beat the endless possibilities that come with an empty box that once contained something I’m sure parents would rather we play with because it cost them money. For me, it was a car but for many others they see spaceships.

That’s likely what the men behind My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure thought when they glanced at their first empty brown box of wonder. Once little guys with grand imaginations, now men with the same creative mentality – only putting it towards their rock band out of Pittsburgh. They’ve been around for almost a decade, have some EPs to their name but they just released their first LP this year and now they’re spreading the word about Seeker, among other things.

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California Cousins: George’s Bridge


Because I need this in print somewhere on the internet – I am calling the Falcons to be in the Super Bowl. Now that I’ve made this clear and will either be proven right or wrong sooner or later, let’s move on to California Cousins. They’re what happens when dudes grow up with the likes of Dashboard Confessional, covered it up by also spinning Underoath, but then grew into men who love them some Modern Baseball. All of that accumulated on their latest, George’s Bridge.

The beginning and the end of the record came and went with a chaotic calm. “Soft Earth” and “Your Kitchen Floor” create the walls that held in a ton of emotion driven words. While the ends did their job well, it was “Your Backyard” in the middle that proved to be the best one, for me anyway. It was the one I felt played the best with the music that surrounded it. That’s not to say “Let the Cold in” it to be swept under the rug. It’d be the second in command if we were to place them in some sort of greatest to least order.

Predictions are not a gift of mine, but I have them from time to time. Falcons for the Super Bowl and California Cousins hoping on some notable tours this coming year with bands like Dads and You Blew It! They’ll open and gain a handful of fans a night with these handful of tracks and then some. If you’re a fan of emo induced indie rock, check out California Cousins’ George’s Bridge, out now.