The Insurrectionists: Swan Song

The-Insurrectionists-Swan-Songs-ReviewThe year is coming to an end as I type this up in the tundra that is my apartment. No, I don’t live on the east coast where this temperature would be considered nice. I’m on the west coast and dying without a heater. So to keep my mind off freezing to death, I bring to you the last review of the year for Golden Mixtape. Over the year I’ve reviewed quite a bit of albums ranging from pop to rock to indie to even hip hop. Every time I can figure out who the artist sounds like without taking a peek, I feel a bit better about my musical knowledge (a girl’s gotta take what she can for esteem). But when it came to The InsurrectionistsSwan Song, it was too easy. Their style of alternative rock was laced with influences from a few big named acts, which only someone who was absolutely clueless about music would miss.

“Era Nostalgia” had an indie beat to it, while all the others were strictly alternative on Swan Song. A couple of songs played like a tribute band to 90’s powerhouses The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead. Never a fan of the Pumpkins myself, “Footprints” vocal similarity to Billy Corgan made it one to skip for me. Then there was “52 Hertz” that reminded me of Radiohead’s “Karma Police.” I have never been a fan of theirs either, but that song’s forever cemented into my brain as it was on the first ever NOW CD (yes, those still exist). If you’re a fan of either of those bands, then you’re more than likely going to like The Insurrectionists.

Those two weren’t the only bands that The Insurrectionists were similar to. Coldplay was another. The piano in “Codex” as well as the softness of “Centuries to Me” had Chris Martin written all over them. One of the few that didn’t sound like anyone else, and gave you a clear view of The Insurrectionists was “Walls.”

If you’re a fan of alternative rock that was huge in the 90’s but have a spot in your heart for Coldplay, then The Insurrectionists are your new favorite band. They’ve combined all the bands you love and are a one stop shop for you. Swan Song is out now, so enjoy and see you in the New Year! …Basically tomorrow…

The Motel Life: Freaky Friday, Live Music and the 909

the-motel-life-interview-golden-mixtapeHome has been a theme this week, not only because I was forced to visit my trailer riddled hometown of Cabazon, CA for the holidays, but because of some music I reviewed and the bands I interviewed. The Motel Life and I both grew up in the 909 area code (well I turned into the 951). It’s synonymous for “Bros” and their hoes. You know, those dudes dressed in FOX Racing head to toe with raised trucks ready to head to Glamis. The music scene, as The Motel Life’s vocalist Michael “Mike” Escanuelas and drummer boy Nick Camacho will later tell you isn’t that grand, so I was surprised to even find a band from an area so close to home.

I asked these guys the obvious question they hear more often than not, and yes, they do stay in motels but Mike says that most of their tour nights are spent staring at the road on overnight drives. Other than where they sleep and their local music scene, Mike and Nick shared their love of live music on TV, their not so love of House, and more like dressing up like ladies and Freaky Friday revelations. So continue to read on for all that and a little something extra.

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