GML: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

There will be only one more post this year as next week I’ll be taking a break to focus on getting Golden Mixtape ready for 2017. Interviews are already in motion and a game plan is set, but it takes more than a list to make sure your blog is going to be running like it should. Which is why I need the next week to recollect as 2016 was quite the busy one for these writing hands.

After landing a short term gig babysitting kids while they took AP exams, I was able to secure a little nest egg and walk away from a writing job that made me hate the world. LA is too full of people who are too full of themselves. They want the world, but only want to pay for a piece of land the size of Rhode Island. Best part? It took her about two months to give me my final pay – and she shortchanged me. I was just happy to finally have that woman out of my life because then I got to move onto a writing job that not only pays ON TIME, but pays what you’re worth. Freelancing doesn’t mean free people.

This year I also started another blog, and was proud when it was all done. Some posts were better than others, but at least I finished. Check that out here. Now enough of my year, let’s get back to the present and talk about some tours and get to the last batch of video picks for 2016!

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