Jonathan Plevyak: Long Way Home

jonathan-plevyak-long-way-home-reviewFor us old people high school was a lifetime ago, for Jonathan Plevyak it was just yesterday. He’s 18 and last time we heard from him he was juggling school and shows. Today he’s got this record and sounds like he’s on his way to making music his full time thing. Long Way Home is like that pretty girl you grew up with – so perfect you’re waiting to find that one flaw to toss in her face because you need to bring her down to your normal level. I’ve searched and this record is pretty close to perfect in the singer songwriter sense.

You get a little Phillip Phillips (I hate this guy’s parents) in the title track and throughout, only Plevyak’s voice isn’t as demanding as that Idol’s. He does keep your attention though with “17” which made me conclude that he’s spent the last year really working on his craft. Then I thought that it’s been a decade since I was 17 and just got bummed out and moved along to the more upbeat parts of the record with “Fade Out” and “Money,” then decided that I like this guy more when he’s pouring his heart out in the romance of ones like “You & Me.” I just like that more serious side of this music man.

It’s hard to believe that someone so young has found his way so fast and yeah, if you’re my age you secretly hate him because you’re like, what have I done with my life…but then you just listen and enjoy. So if you’re into artists like Phillips and Matt Golaboff, check out Jonathan Plevyak’s Long Way Home, out now.

Sunken Monkey: Party Scars

sunken-monkey-party-scars-reviewIt’s been over five minutes and I’m still on hold with the free clinic. So I decided to put it on speaker and listen to this annoying beep sound and wait. While I do so I’ll jot down my thoughts on Sunken Monkey’s Party Scars. This was a task as I’m used to reviewing EPs. This might’ve been the first LP I’ve sat down with in months…that being said, it was a punk filled time that reminded me of Frank Turner’s openers and Mohawk sporting dudes at Warped Tour.

See Turner always has these super punk bands open for him even though his style has that same mentality only done on a more folk rock plain. I feel Sunken Monkey would bring that adrenaline to the stage and get his crowd’s really pumped up with songs like “O To Pissed (In 60 Seconds)” and “This Town’s Too Big (For the Both of Us).” I had fun with the fast pace of “More Beer Than Blood” and suggest you will too and found it funny that despite its title “Lookin’ Ain’t Fuckin” was actually one of the lighter tracks. Overall though I’d say I walked away loving “Pissing in the Wind” and the acoustic treat, “’Till Death Do Us Part” best.

In the time it took me to write this I was on hold for over ten minutes and then tossed to some automated machine…I then called back and was put on hold again. Maybe one day I’ll get to schedule an appointment. Until then I want you to note that if you’re into punk rock and like it loud and full of energy, then you need to mark your calendar for October 6th and get Sunken Monkey’s Party Scars when it drops.

Ship Captain Crew: House of Mercury

ship-captain-crew-house-of-mercury-reviewI started listening to Ship Captain Crew’s House of Mercury awhile ago and got stuck on a couple tracks in between texting about my girl woes and trying to ensure a second date with this really awesome guy who likely doesn’t think I’m as awesome as I think he is because that’s the way my life works. Anyways, it’s not that those two songs were ignored when I got stuck on them, but rather they were perfection.

There was nothing wrong with “Against the Waves” or “I Was Born,” nothing at all. They were great songs that added this singer’s voice on my vocal crush list. However they didn’t speak to me like two others did. “Talking to Your Ghost” was about being scared shitless of losing someone because that’s usually that’s, how they say…how the cookie crumbles. Well of course I identified with that one. As soon as you put your heart out there, it’s bound to be broken.

It was “Notebooks” though that got me first and foremost. There were stellar lines “I wrote a lot of things down inside notebooks that I would hide” and “Not gonna waste my time defining what defines me.” I love songs like this and you team that with amazing vocals and I’m in heaven. Not since New Found Glory’s “Truth of My Youth” has I really attached myself to a song like this. Writing is one of my everythings and it’s nice to hear songs that pay homage to that sentiment.

As I continue to text, think about life choices and listening to “Notebooks” on repeat…I’ll tell you that you should come to the Ship Captain Crew for the party but stay for the heart. So do yourself a solid and check out House of Mercury, out now.