Lincoln of Wild Party: Batman, Basements and Beachy Blondes

wild-party-interview-golden-mixtapeLast night I saw New Found Glory and knew when I got home I needed to watch and recap The Vampire Diaries. Instead I fucked around on the same sites my mind mentally goes through over and over again, and didn’t get to TVD until 3am. For two hours I watched, took notes and recapped my heart out. Unhappy with the final product I headed to bed and am now regretting only getting five hours of sleep. Those are the types of wild nights I have; pop punk and teen vampire shows. I’m not fit for a real wild party, but the guys of Wild Party must be since that’s their name. They’d be weird to have my lifestyle, wouldn’t you say?

Wild Party is a young indie pop band from Texas who has a new EP coming your way in May. It currently inhabits my iTunes (jealous?), but it’s too soon to tell you about that, so instead we’ll give you a little something else, an interview. Wild Party’s Lincoln Kreifels was nice enough to chat SXSW times, an odd (but awesome) celebrity choice and more. So keep your eyes in the reading position and check all that out below…

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Louder Than Bombs: What Resonates

louder-than-bombs-what-resonates-reviewThis blank page has been open since Jeopardy started. I’m past midnight and it remains as bare as an Olympic swimmer’s body. All I can think about is waking up at a normal human time to go to an interview, going to New Found Glory and then heading home to recap Arrow. Instead of heading to bed like I should be, I’m sitting with earbuds in, drowning out this Cougar Town repeat (5th season, really?). Thanks to Louder Than BombsWhat Resonates I’m missing out on Courtney Cox and Co. but am still missing a lot to say about their grizzly punk.

“Grizzly punk?” Well, it’s what I think of when I hear a man behind the vocals who is more than likely not a pretty boy,  and who doesn’t have the nasal of a pop punk singer or the rage of a uber-punk man. So that grizzly punk was all throughout the record, in songs like “Haunted” and the musical guilt trip, “No News Is Good News.” Those give off the best impression of what to take from Louder Than Bombs if you’ve never heard of them, but if you’re looking to fall in love with What Resonates, then listen to the title track, “Banish” because it allows you to create a mental circle pit, and “Reveal Itself.” I’m going to do what all parents do but deny, play favorites and shine a little light on “Reveal Itself.” While it’s a slower track than the rest, but not too much, it was able to contain the grizzly manner of the rest of What Resonates. It felt different the rest of the record and for being an individual, I have to declare it the North Star of the record.

This page is far from blank now, a pessimist would say it’s still half empty and I would tell that negative Nancy to shove it. After getting rid of her, I’d let you know that if you’re a fan of other grizzly acts like Hot Water Music and The Draft, then you’d be really into What Resonates and the band behind it, Louder Than Bombs. If this sounds like a band and album you’d be into, then don’t forget to check out What Resonates, out April 23rd on South Division.