Tee Krispil Finds Solace in Rhyme


Tee Krispil came up in a community she notes was “heavily into hip-hop.” So when she started to take more of in interest, it wasn’t out of the norm for the Scottish/Moroccan/Jewish girl to start laying down her own tracks. For Tee, it was more than the music. It was a calling. A sense of something bigger. Like a spiritual awakening Tee Krispil dove deep into her new passion as a fan, and out came an artist. She talked to Golden Mixtape about finding that connection, her latest single “Let It Slide” and more.

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Kat Meoz Celebrates Christmas The LA Way

We’ve all heard Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” It seems to have become the official holiday song. Kicking “Jingle Bell’s” ass to the curb. Here’s the thing though, where’s the holiday cheer from the rock world at? A modern day rock track that can possibly take some plays away from MC? Well, we’ve found it with Kat Meoz “Christmas in Hollywood.” The track is a part of the one and only Rodney Bingenheimer’s Santa’s Got a GTO, Vol. 2. We talked with Kat about working with the KROQ legend who left the air this year, the garage rock scene in LA and how the city inspires her on a daily basis.

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HEGAZY Is Here to Stay

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Seeing a set of twins will never not be something we instinctively think is amazing. It’s people who look alike, hello…amazing! For twins though, it’s just their everyday life. Some play into the whole twin thing matching every aspect of their existence, others though like Leila and Omnia Hegazy felt it was necessary to explore life as individuals instead of as well, one another.

While they both found themselves wanting to do music, each went about it their own way. Call it fate, call it a reaction to circumstances but they started working together in 2016 and became HEGAZY. We talked about how they managed to sew their independent styles into one distinct sound, facing the world post-9/11 as an Arab-American and channeling that through music, and so much more.

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