GML: Perfect Future and Avatar…Only Less Blue

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Friday, where have you been? It seems like you never want to hang out anymore. Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re back! This week had me thinking about the future of this blog – mainly how I could shake up the Thursday lists; make some that aren’t just songs but reasons for this and that in music and whatnot. Possibly focus a bit on my LA surroundings. So we’ll see what I can do in the next few weeks with that. What else? On a non-musical note – Parenthood ended and grandma taking the vacation grandpa was planning this season…That was the part that got me most. It made me scared to love someone that long and to lose them, but that’s life…right?

Next week we have two reviews on Monday and the rest will play out like normal. I usually try to get everything set up beforehand but on Sunday I think I’m going into work with my boyfriend and then heading back to his place to watch the Super Bowl. Him and his roommate will be all SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS…while I’ll be like – KATY PERRY! As for who I think will win? I usually go with whoever had the prettier uniforms but it’s USA colors vs. a lime green. It’s hard to choose between those. I’d go with Brady but deflated balls may’ve gotten in their heads. We’ll see…In the mean time – check out these videos that caught my eye this week!

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