GML: Get Off Timberlake

This past weekend the BET Awards happened and I was nowhere near a TV to watch, nor did I really care all that much because that’s never been an awards show I’ve waited all year for. I did watch about a half hour of it the following day but nevertheless – I heard about the big moments of the night thanks to countless news reports and my girl Wendy Williams and it seems like Justin Timberlake caused quite the stir when he tweeted a simple note about Jesse Williams’ speech that was considered the second coming of Jesus or something. Oh that former N’SYNC member for his ass handed to him by what people call “black Twitter” and I don’t really get why.

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Serving Up a Kodak Moment with Aimee Giese

She was just a kid when her mom gifted her a little Kodak for Christmas. After that Aimee Giese said she was lucky to learn the ropes early on in high school thanks to photo classes and time in the darkroom. So she knew early on that when push came to shove, a career in photography was going to be it. That’s not all she does though, oh no. This mother, wife and photographer is also a web developer, graphic designer and a blogger. So I considered myself lucky that she found some time in her busy schedule to share about her time with photography; what it’s like to get that perfect shot, the ownership of a photo and more. Plus, she makes one hell of a playlist and throughout you’ll hear some of the songs that mean a lot to her.

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No Liars’ Noah Opens Up on Honesty, Clips and More

Pretty soon all of us in the US may be invading Canada if things don’t work out this November. Hopefully we won’t have to embark on a new country and take over No Liars’ homeland because that’d just be silly. What’s not a joke though is the punk rock these guys deliver day in and day out. Be it on their debut EP that dropped back in March and their current single that’s been heating things up even more so this summer, “Catalyst.” Right now they have some tour plans in the works and plans to release new music come this winter. In the meantime, see what their own Noah had to say about lies, music videos and more.

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