GML: Get Off Timberlake

This past weekend the BET Awards happened and I was nowhere near a TV to watch, nor did I really care all that much because that’s never been an awards show I’ve waited all year for. I did watch about a half hour of it the following day but nevertheless – I heard about the big moments of the night thanks to countless news reports and my girl Wendy Williams and it seems like Justin Timberlake caused quite the stir when he tweeted a simple note about Jesse Williams’ speech that was considered the second coming of Jesus or something. Oh that former N’SYNC member for his ass handed to him by what people call “black Twitter” and I don’t really get why.

Williams’ speech was about race and in a time where a black man selling cigarettes is killed by police, and a white teen who plowed down people while driving under the influence is given a smack on the hand because he “didn’t know better” – it’s a big deal and was bound to get people talking. It did and it awoke something in Timberlake and all he did was tweet that he was “inspired” by it. Then someone had to go and say this and that, and it caused some drama with a capital D. Who cares that he sings soulful? Maybe it’s because I grew up going to shows where I was one of a few black people and often felt awkward because of it, but music shouldn’t have definite color lines.  I think people just want to get mad about anything nowadays when in reality – Timberlake was allowed to be inspired by words of wisdom because um…are only people of color supposed to have found any of Martin Luther King Jrs.’ words? No. Now, let’s get to less dramatic things…touring!

Girlpool will be out for the summer starting next week. Right after ‘Merica Day on Monday, they’ll be in Baltimore at Ottobar and then will be around here and there throughout the end of September when. Nic Hessler will have a shorter run with Ducktails (WOO-OOO! – sorry, had to) in July from the 12th to the 17th on the west coast. Then there’s Basement who have a good run coming up. You can check out there dates below. Then after you note which shows you’re going to in your head, check out this week’s video picks and take a mental note that we’ll be talking to The Kut in August.


Porches “Car”

The Novelists “Morris & Estelle”

Exploded View “Orlando”

Faulkner “These Kids Nowadays”

The Kut “Bad Man”

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