Top 10 Thursday: Essential TRL Jams

top-10-thursday-essential-trl-jamsYesterday I learned that Limp Bizkit announced dates and my mind was in overdrive. Thanks to a lovely friend I was able to secure a presale ticket and will be waiting in line come September to be close to one of my guiltiest pleasures. Do they have new music? I’m not sure. Do I care about that music? Not at all. I’m going for the classics and I cannot wait. So this week I thought back to the days I fell for this band and thought about the other amazing things to come from TRL’s heyday. So let’s get to it – from their start to the hits towards the end.

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Wrapped in the Covers: Justin Bieber “Baby”

wrapped-in-the-covers-justin-bieber-babyBack when Bieber was coming out – I fell smitten. What a cute kid and then you saw his little movie and was like, aww…he really is a sweetheart. Fast forward to the last couple of years and that image has all but fallen off the mantle and the pieces are scattered all about. I had to write about his run in with Orlando Bloom this morning and it only made me wish he hadn’t gone down the path he’s on. So I wanted to remember the good ol’ days when he was a cutie pie instead of a douchebag.

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Tanner: Pied Piper of Digits and Moving On

tanner-interview-golden-mixtapeLet’s just call today “Tanner Tuesday” because nothing is going to top the words this guy laid down before us. He’s a true blue musician with a dim past, but even brighter future – if he continues to play his cards right. So let’s not waste anymore time because Tanner had a lot to say when it came time to dish about his interesting influence, a trip out west and Piper Chapman.

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