Aaron Burke of Minibosses: Nintendo, Guitar Hero and Groupies

The clatter as Pac-Man chomps away. The background of Sonic’s ring collecting. The noise Mario makes as he goes after Princess Peach. These are the sounds of our favorite video games, sounds synonymous with good times we never want to forget, and while not all of the above would be on a Minibosses Nintendo set list, you get the point. The Minibosses are a band who took their love of NES and took it from a hobby and transformed it into their art. They take those Mario and Co. songs and redo them in their progressive rock way to create shows that fanboys and girls everywhere can enjoy. They’re not the only band out there who does this, but it’s safe to say they’re one of the best and well loved.

So to celebrate their awesomeness, let’s take a step deeper into the mindset of one of their own; Aaron Burke. Read on to explore hecklers, rockstars & groupies and if they ever fear they won’t have material to play.

This interview took place in July, and goes to show that you should NEVER trust your work with someone else…Thanks other site for not posting this, so let’s get it going here!

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Megan Joy: Ink, Idol and Love

What do you ask the woman who married your adolescent dream man? Well you don’t ask her to leave him so you can run away with him to fulfill your delusional 16 year old dreams. You keep it very professional. You show the former American Idol contestant Megan Joy some damn respect, because one, she’s one of four people I remember from her season and two, with all she’s been through, she could kick my ass.

She was the girl with the colorful sleeve tattoo on the season that screamed Adam Lambert, yet Kris Allen won. While cameras were rolling and she was forced to put on a smile for millions of people tuning in, she was going through a lot of drama with her ex. Thankfully that’s all in the past and she has moved on both personally and musically. No longer is she singing someone else’s song on a stage, she’s got her own voice now and has always been ready for people to hear it.
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The Right Here: All Herky Jerky

There’s people who are really into their heritage and culture and showcase it in well. Whether it’s lighting eight candles around the end of the year holidays instead of having a decorated tree, or celebrating the day of the dead with a carnival like mentality, it’s all cool and wonderful, but that’s never been for me. I was always one who turned to pop culture instead. It’s just more fitting for me and probably for The Right Here since a there’s a lot of pop culture references to be found throughout their new album, All Herky Jerky.

“Play The Hits” tried to trick me. The mini intro to the record started and I thought, well I like Country music, but that’s not what Golden Mixtape usually showcases…Then the rock came with “Welcome To The Jungle, Kevin” and I was like, okay, here’s the real deal coming straight from Minneapolis.

This record is comparable to a rockabilly good time intertwined with a little Flatfoot 56 in there, as well as some Broadway Calls. While the thrashing tracks “If Ignorance Is Bliss…” and “If I Were A Piano Player, I’d Play It In The Goddam Closet” are great ones to toss around in an amped up setting, it was the slower ones that were able to hold my attention a lot more.

“I’m Not One For Swearin’…” was laid back and definitely rendered images of buddies sitting around a backyard with a gang of classic cars and guitars. “Buy Me A Round” was another one that was an easy going one that caused a pleasant moment on the record, but still kept that punk mentality.

If you’re wondering where the pop culture comes in, note “Who Framed Roger Lodge?” and “Hungry Hungry Hypocrite” for the obvious ones. See what other ones you can find when you check out The Right Here’s All Herky Jerky. It’s been out since the end of June, so get on it if you like that Dropkick Murphy-esque sound with a bit of sensitivity thrown in.