Megan Joy: Ink, Idol and Love

What do you ask the woman who married your adolescent dream man? Well you don’t ask her to leave him so you can run away with him to fulfill your delusional 16 year old dreams. You keep it very professional. You show the former American Idol contestant Megan Joy some damn respect, because one, she’s one of four people I remember from her season and two, with all she’s been through, she could kick my ass.

She was the girl with the colorful sleeve tattoo on the season that screamed Adam Lambert, yet Kris Allen won. While cameras were rolling and she was forced to put on a smile for millions of people tuning in, she was going through a lot of drama with her ex. Thankfully that’s all in the past and she has moved on both personally and musically. No longer is she singing someone else’s song on a stage, she’s got her own voice now and has always been ready for people to hear it.

Kendra Beltran: Right off the bat, if you could turn back time, would you do Idol again?

Megan Joy: If the clock rolled back I would absolutely do Idol again. It was hands down the hardest period in my life thus far but it brought me to the place I am today and I can’t believe how beautiful my life is now.

Kendra: Since the show you’ve went and got yourself hitched to the very talented Quinn Allman of The Used. What did he bring out of you when it came to writing and recording Megan Joy?

Megan Joy: Re-recording my songs with Quinn brought a sense of freedom to me, his love and support is so overwhelming that the album came together without question or hesitation. He brought/brings out the very best in me in every way.

Kendra: What is your thought process when recording? Are you one to pull from life or do you go into the booth like, shit needs to get done, let’s do this?

Megan Joy: I am a very emotional person, every experience I have in a vocal booth is different. I am very accommodating when it comes to making everyone I’m working with feel comfortable so I find myself matching whoever I’m working withs mood. If the overall feeling is easy-breezy, relaxed and artsy, then I am right there, and if it’s more super charged and goal driven, I warp right into an energized work horse.
Kendra: If someone were to get a tattoo to represent Megan Joy, what could they get besides lyric to showcase what the album’s all about?

Megan Joy: If I were to ever inspire a tattoo I would hope that the person would simply allow the word “Joy” to direct them in finding the perfect piece of art, something that always has and always will bring that particular person Joy. This album was simply a season I experienced that almost seems like a past life at this point, but I guess if you wanted to get a tattoo to specifically rep the album you could get an image of a cowboy shooting a bear swatting at a fish that’s jumping from the river where an oil spill just happened and tagged on a rock it says “occupy.”

Kendra: Speaking of tattoos, do you hope your son gets lyrics from “Ryder On The Storm” tattooed one day?

Megan Joy: Haha I really, really hope my son does NOT get the lyrics to “Ryder On The Storm” tattooed on him. I think that would maybe mean he ended up with some attachment issues or harbored some resentment for me having to leave. Just get a classic “mom” banner buddy.

Kendra: From ink to commercial appeal…”Rainclouds” and “Can’t Bring Me Down” have it. Any plans to push those into the mainstream world?

Megan Joy: I would love to push a few of my songs into commercial or any kind of placement, I’m working on that a little but at this point I am managing myself and have to be patient.

Kendra: One more Idol one. Which song off Megan Joy would you suggest people use to audition and why?

Megan Joy: If someone were to sing one of my songs for Idol auditions I would only suggest they choose whichever song makes them feel the most passionate so the emotion can be translated to the judge. You have to believe in (or just truly love) what you are singing if you want any judge to believe you.

Kendra: Your husband is touring a lot this year; do you have any plans to hit the trail as well?

Megan Joy: I would love to tour eventually but right now I am preparing to get my second album out (which is almost ready to go). After both albums are off my chest we will see where my path is leading me.

Kendra: Going off one of your songs, we want you to give us your top five songs that answer, “What Is Love?” Go!

Megan Joy: My top five song picks for “What is Love?”
Constant Surprises” Little Dragon
It’s In Our Hands” Bjork
Rock Steady” No Doubt
When It Hurts So Bad” Lauryn Hill
Smother Me” The Used

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