On The Go With Pauline Andres

We’ve all seen an “inspirational” post somewhere online that boasts, “It’s not where you’re from but where you’re going. Folk rock singer-songwriter Pauline Andres doesn’t really play into that. The coal miner’s daughter from France believes in the balance of the past, future and well, present. She says, “When you come from a hard-working, very down to earth background, it helps (or forces) shape who you are. I feel the limitations from that background every day. I also feel how it helped me be strong enough to take very little shit.”

Finding that balance has shaped her into the person and artist she is, but so has her nomadic way of life. It seems like settling down is foreign to her as she placed her belongings in a number of places. That’s where we started our conversation…

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Your Official Invite to Jetty Bones’ Innocent Party

Earlier this month Jetty Bones finished up a lengthy run out on tour with The Wonder Years. After listening to the new EP, Old Women – I’m beyond upset that the tour failed to make it out west because I would’ve definitely emerged from my hermit hole to attend. Jetty Bones slaps you awake with an invigorating sound that gave way to a conversation about telling stories, looking back in our golden years, letting the pressure of life not get to you and so much more.

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Living Authentically with Selki

Not many think of the worst thing that could happen to them when they leave the house for the day. We’re sure Melbourne-based artist Selki surely wasn’t the day she found herself in the streets of Paris after being struck by a bus. Horrific, she did what many couldn’t and spun it into a positive note that changed not only her way of thinking about life, but also her musical career. We spoke of how the accident transformed her sound electronically, as well as her lyrical passion and more.

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