The Tower of Dudes: Make Your Own Culture

the-tower-of-dudes-make-your-own-culture-reviewThe legs are throbbing, mouth is being a bitch and the head is aching. All the while it’s not enough to make an appointment at the free clinic, so I’ll just have to wait until April for that physical. Is this how it felt at Sochi? Amenities scarce, pains all over? I’ll assume so and say that at least I have a fitting soundtrack for the day because The Tower of Dudes’ Make Your Own Culture, for the most part, sounds like Russia exploded in my living room.

When the record wasn’t giving me folk punk with “Party (Like You Used To Could),” it was serving up music that’d likely be a gypsy girl’s go to. Songs from the title track to “10000 Hours” gave me images of what I believe a Russian bar is like; nomad travelers letting loose with a beer in hand. The Tower of Dudes create tracks like “Dum” and “We Never Learn Anything” for the quirky people out there. Those who often dress in layers of ambiguity while making their own paths. Side note…does anyone else hear the Ren & Stimpy similarity in “Lower Shelf Taste?”

A pain pill is in my near future, as soon as I wrap this up for you. The Tower of Dudes Make Your Own Culture is definitely not for your Top 40 lover, oh no. It’s more for a special niche of people who are the sheep who wandered far from the flock and created their own little world. If you’re an eccentric person who likes gypsy-like ways intertwined with folk and a dash of punk, then mark your calendars because Make Your Own Culture drops March 1st.

Fritz Montana: The Betterment of Music & Dating Profiles

fritz-montana-interview-golden-mixtapeWith SXSW just around the corner there is a lot of attention aimed at those thousands of artists who will soon transform Austin, TX into a musical Mecca. If you’re a fan heading there, make sure you keep an eye out and both ears open for the Bay’s Fritz Montana. They’ll be bringing their blues infused indie rock to the RedGorilla Music Festival where they’ll share the stage with some of our favorites Lost in Society and Lime Cordiale.

Before you give Fritz Montana all of your love and attention at SXSW, you should get to know them a little better. Like the fact that Matthew was a gangster in kindergarten thanks to his Pog skills and even took out his now bandmate Kevin before. As for David, you’ll never find him with gadgets like Giga Pets as he’s scared of technology. Other than those must-know factoids you can learn a lot more like how these guys met, their beef with boy bands, what 2014 has in store for them and more.

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Lime Cordiale: Falling Up The Stairs

lime-cordiale-falling-up-the-stairs-reviewIn between writing about a half-naked Scott Foley and posting then taking down a video for ungrateful parties, I listened to Lime Cordiale’s Falling Up The Stairs. That scenario seems like a dream compared to the mountain of things I have to get done for a paycheck that mirrors a child worker’s wage at the turn of the century. I’d gladly take that fall, but instead I’ll calm my nerves with a record that’s got a chilled aroma set in a splash of indie.

When you see “bullshit” in a song title, you automatically assume that it’ll be riddled with attitude. Well “Bullshit Aside” is the nicest sounding bullshit I’ve ever heard. There’s no fuss, and the lyrics might pack a punch but you’re too distracted by how well the words and music flow together in peace to notice. The horns in the title track add a little gusto, while the funk in the vocals make “Everything Else” a song you try really hard to get down to. In the end I had to place the first prize ribbon on “Sleeping At Your Door.” It reminded me of a beach party in a home movie from the 70’s; shit’s flickering in and out but the fun is never lost.

If you have less on your plate than I do and are heading to SXSW this year, make sure to check out Lime Cordiale. Something tells me they’ll be playing a selection from Falling Up The Stairs to make their set one to remember. You can get familiar with them right now because Falling Up The Stairs is out and about for your enjoyment today.