Wrapped in the Covers: Miley Cyrus “Malibu”

This song has been out a minute and today was the first time I took a listen, which is surprising because give me some old Hannah Montana Miley and I am going to put on a damn show. This though…”Malibu” is definitely different. Really though, I was excited to hear what people came up with and in all honestly loved a lot of the covers better than the original. So let’s hear them…

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Shayna Leigh Burns Bright

We’ve seen a lot of child actors make their way from the screen to the stage. Hilary Duff being a favorite because let’s face it, “So Yesterday” is forever a JAM. Well, she’s not the only one of course. There is also Shayna Leigh. A singer-songwriter who found her way to music through the theater who now resides in New York, who is almost ready to release her new album. We talked about all of that, Nickelodeon, Carole King, candles and a whole lote more so get to it!

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The Total Bettys: Peach

Ever since Paramore’s latest dropped, it’s been really hard to concentrate on anything else. That is until today when The Total Bettys’ Peach was dropped into my lap. Not as relatable (to me) as After Laughter, but up there. Peach is a pop punk gem from San Francisco laced with lines that don’t fuck with being overtly poetic and deep, but rather are straight to the point. This is some real world meets music stuff right here.

Most times during Peach, I just rode the waves as the music carried me from one song to the next. Case in point, “You’ll Be Sorry” and “Play Along.” The bunch like that were good songs and may very well end up your favorite. For me though, I loved getting invested in the stories behind “Back Against The Wall” and “Stay Here All Night.” Each time listening, I’d dive deeper into the lyrics, painting each line like a scene from a movie I could never pause. Circling back to the relatable notions though, that was present throughout but really relevant when it came to the bookends; “I’ll Fix It” and “Is It Wrong.” One about wanting out but not really knowing how, and the other…one almost everyone who’s ever been in a relationship gone wrong can attest to.

Pop punk in a lyrical sense, but musically you can hear hints of the Pacific Northwest scene from the ’90s. The two marry well and will keep you satisfied. If you’re into Cayetana and Diet Cig then you’ll for sure be into this record by The Total Bettys. Now go ahead and get yourself some Peach, out now.