Food Coma Friday: Never Forget

See you guys back on Monday…until then, never forget the wonderful stylings of this “gem.”


Syre & Fresko: Expecting Heavenly Results

Syre-and-Fresko-interview-golden-mixtapeBeing married is a huge commitment and undertaking. It’s saying that you want to spend the rest of your life (most of the time) with someone and love them no matter what. I’ve always seen bands and whatnot like that as well. But does that promise of forever double when you marry your musical mate? When it comes to Australia’s Syre & Fresko, that has to be the case. This couple has said their vows and now have vowed their devotion to not only their musical careers but the little bun they got cooking in the oven.

So continue on this journey as we learn from one half of Syre & Fresko about denial, decorating and more…

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