No Liars’ Noah Opens Up on Honesty, Clips and More

Pretty soon all of us in the US may be invading Canada if things don’t work out this November. Hopefully we won’t have to embark on a new country and take over No Liars’ homeland because that’d just be silly. What’s not a joke though is the punk rock these guys deliver day in and day out. Be it on their debut EP that dropped back in March and their current single that’s been heating things up even more so this summer, “Catalyst.” Right now they have some tour plans in the works and plans to release new music come this winter. In the meantime, see what their own Noah had to say about lies, music videos and more.

Kendra: Your sound has everything from emo to hardcore to punk. When the band first came together, what sound was the foundation that later got layered onto?

Noah: I don’t think any one sound came first – we love love a variety of genres and took our favorite parts from each one. We wanted to make music that was energetic, fast, gritty but still had melody lines and lots of emotion. “Catalyst” was actually the first song written for the project, and it’s worked out as a great jumping off point.

Kendra: I’m talking to another band this month who have a song called “Liars/Thieves” and here you guys are with the honesty train. Is being truthful what you guys have sort of built your band around?

Noah: What I like so much about No Liars is it’s not necessarily putting value in truth. Everyone is imperfect and has aspects of themselves that they pretend aren’t there – it’s a common trait that unifies everyone. I like the idea that outwardly it presents as being truthful and honest, but behind the guise everyone has that dark side, and it can be liberating to give it a voice and let it out from time to time.

Kendra: What about white lies though? Are they okay sometimes?

Noah: Absolutely. I think people have to tell white lies to function in our society, it’s obviously better to be truthful whenever possible but sometimes you can’t get around it.

Kendra: What’s the last one you told?

Noah: I can’t go too into detail, but a friend keeps having me over for dinner and after I told them how much I loved blue cheese to be nice they won’t stop offering it to me! It’s getting out of hand…I really don’t like blue cheese.

Kendra: On to the music. How hands on were you guys when making the “Catalyst” video?

Noah: Very hands on. I met with Mike from Cambiguous Productions over a period of four or five months going from concept to concept and location to location, until we finally settled on the video idea you see now. We only had four hours to film so we had to keep it simple and be super organized but we are all really happy with how it turned out!

Kendra; Being that we’re in a time when people are more inclined to watch a 10-second clip on an app over and over instead of a three-minute video, are music videos still as important as the days when MTV was a legitimate network?

Noah: I think so, yes. The first place a lot of people go to search for new music’s YouTube, and having an eye catching video that people want to share with their friends helps get the music out there. Even if MTV is mostly vapid reality TV shows now, I think mixing visuals with music is a powerful way to help people understand your band’s ideology.

Kendra: Any plans to tour this year?

Noah: We’re hoping to head out on a Western Canadian tour in the fall to reach our fan base around our home of Victoria, BC and expand outwards from there. It would be great to head out east or south into the States, but all in good time.

Kendra: Back to the idea of truth, if you had to make a mixtape of songs you honestly loved more than anything, what five would have to be on it?

Noah: That is so tricky! It’s impossible to narrow down to just five but right now I’d pick:
Thrice – “Of Dust and Nations
Radiohead – “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Refused – “New Noise
Brand New – “Sowing Season
Alexisonfire – “Accidents


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