#FBF: The Tinkler

If you’ve waited all day for a show, you’ve been in this position at least once. The one where you have to decide to leave your great spot and chance losing for the night, or stick it out. This story is not about a girl who left to relieve herself. Instead she decided the lineup for that Taste of Chaos was worth peeing herself. Yes, you read that right. This isn’t shade towards the girl – this is a cautionary tale at most.

Now this wasn’t me, nor did this happen near me. This happened to a friend on the other side of the Long Beach Arena. Our friend from high school was standing at the barricade, excited as I’m sure everyone else around her was, when all of a sudden she felt her back getting warmer. It didn’t take her long to realize that the girl right behind her had a bit of an accident and she’d been in the line of fire, or well…piss.

Again, not to focus too much on the girl but at the end of the day – this story has always been one of my favorite when it comes to memorable fans over the years. She wasn’t delusional or insane, nope – she was just a big fan who thought she could make it through the show because she didn’t want to lose her spot. Girl, was it worth it though? Nah, it never is. Peeing your pants past a certain age isn’t okay and in public? Oh lord.

So here’s the thing, when you are at a show and you have to go – just go. I have had plenty of friends make it back to their spot just fine. I get that it’s a scary thought to have to walk out and then back in, but trust – you are are going to feel way more embarrassment if you stand there smelling like a urinal. So a memorable moment as well as a little note on how to behave at your next show. Just go, well, just go in a bathroom.


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