At The Roxy with PK: Vampires, One Direction and Royalty

It seems we’re always at The Roxy when a bands popping their cherry. Last month with Georgia boys, Namesake, and this time around with PK. A group of fresh-faced dudes from California, played to a decent sized crowd for their second time in Hollywood.

They drew in a mostly female crowd. Young girls who appeared dressed for a club instead of a show. Back in my day we dressed like we were going to Warped Tour no matter where the show was. But the fashion came in second as the set began with “Catch.” I was impressed by PK’s frontman, Travis’ bravery as he hung from the rafters. Did he clear that with the owners beforehand, was all I could think.

The only person braver than Travis was poor Matt over on guitar. He garnered the drunkest and one of the oldest women in the crowd. By the second song, she was causing a raucous of sorts leading Matt to say my favorite thing ever, “You can touch me, but not the buttons.” When “Some Nights” started she’d abandoned her man. Finally PK had the spotlight back. “1920” was the musical highlight as Travis took it on acoustic and then was joined by the rest of PK to finish it out strong. Other than that it was a set sprinkled with crowd favorites like “London” and “Not in Love.” Some even had two young men in the crowd fist pumping like they were watching a sports event. All in all it was a good night youthful Indie rock that would resonate well with Picture Atlantic and Endless Hallway fans. Now to pass the baton over to Ashley who took on the interview portion…

Unlike one member of PK, I have my feet planted firmly on the ground with no intentions of losing my footing on this interview. (I am just that cool.)

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Namesake: The Roxy, The Plastic Women, The GPS from Hell

If you read last week’s interview with Let It Happen, you already know me getting to The Roxy to chat with the Southern gentlemen of Namesake was a task. 30 minutes from Wilshire/Fairfax to the legendary venue…on the most unreliable public transportation…someone was on my side because I made it with seconds to spare, phew!

Once there I was led upstairs, the walls mirrored my old bedrooms; no wall space left seen; posters from the floor to the ceiling. All five dudes from Georgia talked one after the other and what was most surprising was that their current tour was only their second, ever. After feeling like fetuses on the Eve 6 tour, they hopped on the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus one.

To find out how to win Will’s heart, why not to trust GPS and more stayed tuned for the interview portion of this trip, but first up, the show!

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