Sober Up with Alexa Dark

Photo Credit: Joseph Paradiso

On the go. That seems to be a running theme when it comes to Alexa Dark. A vagrant of sorts, the rock troubadour is currently in New York City but could very well be in London tomorrow. Her home is wherever the music takes her. Be it Germany or Spain or even Paris – her travels have inspired her latest EP, Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts. She opened up about the sobering thoughts on the record, being chill, and what’s up next.

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Feeling Peachy King with Resilient

No one’s life is easy, but some get dealt a whole lot worse than others. The four that makeup Philly’s own Resilient know this all too well. Erin Fox may spend her time singing and playing guitar in Resilient, but it’s been quite the ride to get here today. A health scare that may’ve grounded most pushed her, and the rest of the band forward. We talked about their resilience and what’s going on with them today.

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