At The Roxy with PK: Vampires, One Direction and Royalty

It seems we’re always at The Roxy when a bands popping their cherry. Last month with Georgia boys, Namesake, and this time around with PK. A group of fresh-faced dudes from California, played to a decent sized crowd for their second time in Hollywood.

They drew in a mostly female crowd. Young girls who appeared dressed for a club instead of a show. Back in my day we dressed like we were going to Warped Tour no matter where the show was. But the fashion came in second as the set began with “Catch.” I was impressed by PK’s frontman, Travis’ bravery as he hung from the rafters. Did he clear that with the owners beforehand, was all I could think.

The only person braver than Travis was poor Matt over on guitar. He garnered the drunkest and one of the oldest women in the crowd. By the second song, she was causing a raucous of sorts leading Matt to say my favorite thing ever, “You can touch me, but not the buttons.” When “Some Nights” started she’d abandoned her man. Finally PK had the spotlight back. “1920” was the musical highlight as Travis took it on acoustic and then was joined by the rest of PK to finish it out strong. Other than that it was a set sprinkled with crowd favorites like “London” and “Not in Love.” Some even had two young men in the crowd fist pumping like they were watching a sports event. All in all it was a good night youthful Indie rock that would resonate well with Picture Atlantic and Endless Hallway fans. Now to pass the baton over to Ashley who took on the interview portion…

Unlike one member of PK, I have my feet planted firmly on the ground with no intentions of losing my footing on this interview. (I am just that cool.)

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PK: The Lost Boy Sessions

In the summer of 2011, I was introduced to PK and their album, Into the Roaring.  Initially, I gravitated towards their music if only because their single, “London,” contained lyrics about my favorite beverage – ginger ale. My fondness for them quickly progressed like an arson ignited fire on the side of the 5, after our interview was completed and posted. Inevitably, a romance between PK and I blossomed, so you can only imagine my excitement when I learned about the release of their latest EP, The Lost Boy Sessions.

“I Know,” was the first track I encountered on the record. It begins with a slow splash of Travis serenading the listener with, “Darling, I’ll be leaving…I don’t want you. I don’t need to.” Sounds pretty dismal, right? Yet the bouncy pop drums kick in, and suddenly that moment of heartbreak is replaced with a more infectious and traumatizing occurrence – the chorus. Already I can hear the audience scream back to the stage, “I know, I know, I know that you want me!” (And, oh, I’m sure the answer is pretty clear, we do.)

The energy that propels The Lost Boy Sessions is never exhausted.  This small collection of music is what the young summer sounds like – cool summer nights by the beach, friends, bonfires, and well…you can’t have bonfires or friends and not have a story or six to tell, especially if you only learning the pains of growing up. “Some Nights” and “Chase the Sky,” captivate this atmosphere best. Not only is the musicality of the EP revitalizing, but the lyrics are equally bright. While they’re not poetically complex, (though the band is heavily influence by literary themes), their candor is what makes them so accessible; everyone can find themselves in a PK song.

Despite the constant comparisons to The Killers, PK’s lead vocalist, Travis Hawley, offers his own voice to the music industry. Hawley’s rang has matured since last year; his vocals on The Lost Boy Sessions are often times vulnerable and chill-sending. The breakdown in “Berelain,” is a superb example of these moments when the music is stripped and only a voice fills the air.

“How long must I wait?” Well, The Lost Boy Sessions drops May 29th! Light the tiki torches and start your summer off with a dance to keep that broken heart beating.

Travis and Nick of PK: Musical Nomads

Let’s be honest – when we think of California, we don’t consider the possibility of there being small towns. Automatically our minds are wired to confuse the word California with Los Angeles. In some way, we believe that everyone from this state is somehow related to a celebrity of some kind. We forget that there is genuine talent cultivating in places which lie beyond the City of Angels. But, you know, it doesn’t matter where the boys of PK are actually from. As my friends and I like to believe, it is not about where you come from, but how you continue to grow and impact others in the places you chose to root yourself.

With their album, Into the Roaring, I feel like PK has given me some type of teleportation device. One moment I’m in Venice, Italy being serenaded by a gondola man with the song, “Aimer a La Folie,” and the next, I’m in a chateau in England with the song properly entitled, “London.” But happily, I’m never in the same place twice. PK does an incredible job of taking me on a journey, investing me in stories, and showing me the scenery of a world I am only beginning to explore. (And to think I thought I could only get this sense of escapism through literature. Ha!)

Despite their journeys, Travis and Nick stopped in to answer a few questions I had which may or may not include how Travis entered the annual Ernest Hemingway look-alike competition in the Florida Keys. (Just kidding!)

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