GML: Melting…

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Such a late start this Friday since I HAD to go to the Salvation Army for their 50% off sale even though I don’t need a thing, but they had nice plain t’s for a dollar. Those are like $5-8 bucks at Pennys, so it was quite the steal. You don’t have to pay a ton to have fun – this is a sentiment people with little funds have to tell themselves.

Anyways, I got a new gig this week and I hope she hasn’t changed her mind since I’ve yet to hear back from her about an address of sorts. It’s just two days a week helping a fitness lady organize her business.  Also, this yearbook blog seems promising – if only I could submit topics that she doesn’t continue to pass over and call “generic.” Hopefully I can think of at least a handful so I can start writing for that. Until then…I’m melting in LA and…

Chuck E. Cheese has a new more “grown up” pizza hence the GIF, but in bigger news that I saw this morning – yay for marriage equality! Glad America finally came around. Which, I read that there was this island somewhere that has like less than 50 people – none of which are gay – but they legalized it there. See, they know what’s up, and now the US does as well.

Blog wise here, there was supposed to be an interview with a runner-up from The Voice, but they left that PR agency and well, yeah, that won’t be up next week but thankfully I already have a replacement for you, two reviews and the usual cover and top 10. Which, I’m working on the next Punk Goes… and it’s proving to be difficult but I’ll get it done sometime in July.

Now it’s time to check out this week’s video picks!

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