Anna Rose: Strays in the Cut

The worst thing about a hospital other than the constant fear of what may be lurking around each corner is the horrendous WiFi. You’d think one of the best places in the country for health care would have a better connection? That aside, I was in and out of listening to Anna Rose’s latest release, Strays in the Cut. A few words came to mind when listening; sensual, delicate and rock.

We’ll start with that last note. Right from the start I felt this was going to be a Lita Ford like record turned down a just a bit. Anna Rose delivered definite forces with “Force of Nature” as well as “Under Your Skin,” but that wasn’t all she had up her sleeve. That’s where “Bury Me Deep” came into play. A very sensual song that gave way to a whole other side of who Anna is as an artist, it was surprising at first after hearing that rocker side but a delight nevertheless. Then of course there’s that delicate touch. Heard when “Start a War” and “Natural Disaster” came around. With those, it was nice to just hear what Anna could do vocally without all the bells and whistles.

With the WiFi under control, and the waiting room settling, my time with Anna Rose has come to an end…for today. With that, fans that find themselves loving everyone from Lita Ford to Sheryl Crow will want to check out what Anna Rose is all about on her latest, Strays in the Cut, out now.


Shannen Moser: Oh, My Heart

No matter where you presently are, everywhere you called home has shaped who you are up until this second. I will forever have a sense of trailer trash within myself that causes me to scoff at the haves acting like the have-nots, and for Shannen Moser the miles of farmland gave way to her appreciation for the rustic folk sound found on her latest, Oh, My Heart.

Back in January Shannen self-released Oh, My Heart and come April it was given the re-mastered treatment and dropped digitally. Now come June 16th it’ll be released physically. So it’s been a long journey for this collection of songs that present the purity of storytelling that lives within Shannen. Straightforward and raw are what comes to mind when playing back songs like “Watershed” and “A Funeral, A Friend, My Sanity.” Other admirable elements included the Appalachian sounds of “I’m Going Home (Sacred Harp)” and the solemn yet calming power of “Yr Undertaker.”

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Gothic Tropic: Fast or Feast

The Uber driver just went on a rant about Arco gas before turning in and slowly making his way to the pump. Not the best way to start the week, but at least I can think back to when I was in the comfort of my apartment some 30 minutes ago listening to Gothic Tropic. Her Fast or Feast presented some well thought out lines sewn across a blanket of dance beats, and at one time a little doo-wop inspired number. Definitely better than sitting on the 405 with an Uber driver talking to you while you’re trying to think.

Thinking back to better times this morning, Fast or Feast was riddled with lyrics I wouldn’t expect from a record so heavily constructed of danceable beats. Lines in both “Stronger” and “How Life Works” really hit the mark, as did the best of the bunch when it came to “Don’t Give Me Up.” That song also had an arrangement that stood out as well, as did the indie movie like ways of “Major.” In the end though my mind wanted to be home and reunited with “Feed You To The Sharks.” The music mixed with the vocal delivery, it was like listening to a song during a slow dance in the ’50s; unexpected, but respected.

Listening to music in your own home is always going to beat out sitting in traffic, especially in LA. However, it was Gothic Tropic today that I yearned to be home with. Maybe because Gothic Tropic’s beats had way more movement than the 405, or because to the lyrics that struck a positive chord, or perhaps both. Nevertheless, if you like well thought out lines, but also like to move about, check out Fast or Feast – out May 19.