Zoey Lily is Far From Nothing

Only 13 when she sat down at a piano, Zoey Lily had to have known she was destined to be creative in some aspect of life. Her father worked in music and her mother had taken on the world of Parisian fashion. Now she has an interest in both, but music has taken charge. Reworking former poems into songs, she released a single song this year entitled “Nothing.” One this year, but she assures us there’s more to come. Not a traditional album, but expect “loads” from the noir-pop songstress in 2018. With that, she’ll play her first show this spring in London. In between now and then, get to know Zoey Lily more as she talks about wearing many hats, the music and more.

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Joelina Drews Raises the Skybar

With her dad a reality show figure, it wasn’t surprising when Joelina Drews found herself in that same position a couple of years ago. She notes that being a part of Stepping Out was full of “amazing experiences” but wants to look ahead. “I want to focus more on my musical career rather than TV appearances.”

Which is exactly what she’s doing. The German-born pop songstress is stunning audiences with her debut single, “Skybar.” Inspired by a night out in LA, she opened up about how her new home inspires her. Joelina also lets us know what’s up next and even gave us a little Oktoberfest.

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Keeping Things Simple with Malia

A recurring theme in my life is finding out too late. Well, when it comes to artists I want to see. SZA, Pale Waves and now Malia. Every situation was the same. “OMG, I LOVE THIS.” Then I look for tour dates only to find out they’ll be in town like tomorrow. Thankfully Malia has laid down roots in the LA area and I can keep some tabs on her after she wraps up her tour with Syd this week at The Novo.

With a sound that reminds me of the best of Colbie Caillat and India.Arie, I was instantly drawn and I’m sure you will be too. Just one listen of “Simple Things” and you’ll be hooked. But before you start to listen to that on repeat, read what she had to say about the single, the tour and what’s to come.

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