Don’t You Miss Get Set

Once new to LA, Gel Set found herself overwhelmed by the expansive city. Without letting it get the best of her she shook those feelings off and powered forward. She shared her hustle as well as a story of a talking roach and a doppelganger – one of which a reality and the other showcasing her innate ability for storytelling. Once you read all she had to say, make sure to check out her new album, Body Copy, out this Friday, October 20th.

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Nothing Is Lost with Jess Cornelius

Photo Credit: Tajette O’Halloran

As soon as she hit 18, Jess Cornelius said goodbye to New Zealand and headed elsewhere. While she goes back regularly to visit family, her musical roots are more grounded in Australia. She notes how she played back home when she was younger but being underage at the time left her out of the bar and club scene. Older now she said, “I’d really like to soon. I think the scene is pretty strong there, so much great music has always come out of New Zealand.”

As for right now, she won’t be playing there, as her tour with Paul Kelly is underway here in the states. Tonight she’s got a day off, but over the next few days, they’ll be in Colorado, Utah and up in Canada. After which they’ll make their way down the west coast to LA where they’ll close out their run at The Roxy. We talked about what she’ll do while in town, her latest video, and her upcoming release Nothing Is Lost, out October 27th.

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Drawing Rock Vibes with The Liza Colby Sound

Credit: James Hartley

Coming up in a mostly white, low-income town and being one of three black kids in school – not to mention the only mixed one – it was a miracle to see others like you. Lisa Turtle, Living Single, and Lenny Kravitz were a few. So when I heard The Liza Colby Sound, my eight-year-old self’s mind fell on Lenny. Their rock and roll sound fronted by a powerful black woman? I was all in.

While that’s where my mind went, Mr. “American Woman” was never on her radar. She said of the comparison, “ Is it because I am Black, Jewish, and light and light skinned too? Lenny Kravitz, cool name. I have heard he is a nice guy, but musically he was never a go to .” Lenny wasn’t on Liza Colby’s must-listen-to list when it came to creating the sound of the band, but nevertheless, the rock and roll of The Liza Colby Sound is bomb.

She talked to us about the Big Apple, their fantastic new video and more – including when they’ll be back on the west coast.

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