Expand Your Universe with Cebratrack

Photo Credit: Fredrik Karlsson

Sharing the same school with Bonander, Cebratrack stumbled this little blog here and I’m glad she did. She’s got this great sound that’s all her, especially the new gem “Universe.” The latest single was a huge part of our back and forth as was her life as a podcaster, sexism, feminism and more.

Kendra: Was there a breaking point in your life that inspired “Universe” to be made, or was it a culmination of many things going on for women in the world right now?

Cebratrack: I actually wrote “Universe” during an internship at a major Swedish music studio here in Stockholm. There were two interns in the studio at the same time. I had to do the dishes and carry out the garbage while he was given the opportunity to work close to the artists as a technician in the studio.This, even though we had the exact same education. Maybe there were other reasons, but I couldn’t help feeling that a great part of it was only because of my gender.

For women, it’s not unusual to hear stuff as ”you’re too sensitive” or ”you just have to put your mind into it.” People with privileges tend to believe that success is about personal strive and capability. They fail to see that people often are held back by other forces than themselves. “Universe” is about finding the strength to stand tall when they tell you that you’re ”too much.” I made this song for all the times they told us we were crazy!

Kendra: Since we’re on the subject…how do you feel feminism of today compares to that of our sisters who fought for rights way back in the day?

Cebratrack: This makes me think of when my mother told me how she and her friends burned porno-magazines back in the ‘70s as a protest against the objectifying of a woman’s body. I guess a lot of these kinds of “hands on” protests has been transferred to the internet nowadays. Maybe the protests of today can be seen as a little less eye-catching since much of it comes from behind the keyboard. But at the same time, the message slips down easier in every level of society this way. Feminism isn’t only for the higher educated art personalities anymore. It’s in most people’s interest to be equal. A lot of people say that feminism has gone too far. I say they’ve seen nothing yet.

Kendra: Where does “Universe” fit in with your overall sound and aesthetic as an artist?

Cebratrack: “Universe” is quite a good representative track for my general sound. The song is both fragile and evil at the same time. I often like to mix up atmospheric verses with choruses that has a harder beat and on point lyrics and melodies. My lyrics tend to be about craziness and the conflicts within one’s own mind rather than plain love declarations. That might say I lot about me and my wrecked mind, haha!

Kendra: Okay, so you’re also a podcaster. Can you tell us more about that and how you got into it really quick?

Cebratrack: I’ve run this podcast ”Ful I kanten” with a close friend for two years now. Directly translated it means ”Ugly at the Edges.” It’s a twist around with a Swedish old saying about being haughty and too posh for getting your hands dirty. The focus is mainly on sharing our own imperfections. We think that this somehow could help others to feel less lonely on this planet of success.

Kendra: What’s going on with you the rest of the year?

Cebratrack: This year I’m looking forward to releasing my debut EP! We have a few shows booked in Stockholm this spring and I’m also discussing the opportunity to play in Europe with my label. We’re very excited to visit new venues in Berlin and Barcelona! Me and Bonander talked briefly about sharing some gigs together later this year. We’ll see where that takes us!

Kendra: “Universe” is about women being told they’re too much. So if you had to make a mixtape featuring songs by women who are more than enough in the best way, what five songs would make the cut?

Bjørk – “Who Is It
Susanne Sundfør – “Kamikaze
Kate Boy – “In Your Eyes
Marina and the Diamonds – “I Am Not A Robot
Oh Land – “Wolf & I

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