Take The Retro Road with Bonita Jalane

From the fashion at Forever 21 to Bruno Mars to all those reboots, the ’90s are back. There is no denying that, especially when you hear Bonita Jalane‘s stellar throwback “Retro.” The song comes from her inner essence. She notes, “My style is so retro. No matter how I’m feeling, what I wear or what the trends are I will always be true to how I feel and what that looks like thru my fashion. Imma vibe.”

A self-professed storyteller happy to narrate her story to listen, she’s about to drop the video for “Retro” that’ll have you saying, that’s da’ bomb. Before that, see what she had to say about the song, video and what’s to come.

Kendra: “Retro” is chalked full of nostalgia. Everything from the lyrics to the style immediately takes listeners back. Is that what I Am Bonita Jalane is all about?

Bonita Jalane: Yesssss. I’m all about taking a journey when you listen to my music. I want you to feel the nostalgia when I write. The co-writer who came up with the initial idea had me in mind when he pitched me the idea before we even collaborated in the studio.

Kendra: Now the video is debuting in an interesting way, exclusively at Martell loft, H.O.M.E in Atlanta. How did that all come together?

Bonita Jalane: I know Karim Lateef the Marvell. He’s a client of a friend, and supporter. So when he heard my single it was only right that we collaborated to bring my pre-video release together.

Kendra: Other than the video that’s coming soon, what’s on your plate in the coming months?

Bonita Jalane: I’m so excited to be working on a full visual-EP and bringing each song to life. So fans can see some of the ideas I had when I put my pen to the pad and recorded the songs in the studio.

Kendra: We know you love to keep it retro, but let’s get modern for a second. If you had to make a mixtape of current artists you’re living for, what five songs would have to be on it?

Bonita Jalane:
Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R “Best Part
Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like
NAO “Bad Blood
N.E.R.D & Rihanna “Lemon
Amine “Caroline


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