Kareen Lomax Found a Sound Route to Love


When the year boils down in December it’s easy to forget what you cared about when it was still fresh at the start. That will not be the case when I think back to my favorite songs, especially since Kareen Lomax‘s “Been in Love” has already dug itself deep into my core. Penned in the suburbs of Georgia, Kareen’s interpretation of an emotion we all know a little something-something about hits you, flips you and leaves you wanting more. Thankfully an album is one the way. We talked about that, single life and more.

Kendra: What helped you discover your own voice? Was it a song, a lyric, an artist, an album?

Kareen Lomax: I’ve been writing about my life since I was like 7-years-old, but everything really started for me music wise when my dad bought me my first guitar from a pawn shop he used to go to that doubled as a shooting range. Music really just became an outlet for me and the things that I was writing about. I was also listening to a lot of soft rock and singer-songwriter stuff at the time. The first song that comes to mind as an inspiration is probably ” The Scientist ” by Coldplay. I heard it at the end of a movie and it really inspired me, from then on I wanted to make music that sounded like you just watched a film about my life.

Kendra: You’ve said that your environment in Georgia inspired a lot of your style. Where in Georgia, Marietta to be more exact, would you say gives you a creative boost the most?

Kareen Lomax: The suburbs, where my parents live. It’s so quiet and peaceful, but not too quiet.

Kendra: Let’s talk about this song more because it’s my first favorite of the year. Everyone has their own idea and version of what love is. For you, you’ve said it’s more a place. If love was on the map, which state or country do you feel it would be in and why?

Kareen Lomax: First off thank you!! If I had to pick I’d probably chose somewhere really low-key and secluded, but breathtaking. I’d say Paris or the countryside in France. One because I’ve always been told it’s the ” city of love.” Also, its really far from where I’m from and I’m no stranger to the countryside (my grandparents had a farm), and that’s what love feels like to me, something far away yet close to home.

Kendra: There’s a great line in the track about friends tripping about where you’ve been, well you’ve been in love. Why do you think single friends have a hard time understanding when their friend finds a partner?

Kareen Lomax: Well that’s actually what inspired the song! That’s why I believe love is a place only two people can be in because when you’re not there you can’t feel what they feel or see what they see. That line is actually more from me being the single friend on the outside looking in. Countless times I’ve had friends shift focus onto who their dating and I couldn’t understand it. Now I know it’s because I’m not there with them, ya know?

Kendra: So we can expect “Been in Love” on There’s a Place for Us soon. What else are we going to hear on the record? What did you explore and push through in song form?

Kareen Lomax: “Been in Love ” is definitely one of the more moody tracks on the project, if not the moodiest. However, you’re definitely going to hear a lot of creative concepts and more uptempo tracks. I definitely listened to my instincts a lot on this project. I guess I’m learning to trust my gut more and more as I become more comfortable with my ” sound.” I’m also focusing on producing most of the project myself.

Kendra: A new album’s due out soon, but are there going to be some shows? Anything else we can expect?

Kareen Lomax: I am definitely looking into touring this year. It was my New Year’s resolution and I’m trying my best to make it happen. Other than that you can expect a lot of dope visuals and more records.

Kendra: Say you had to make a mixtape for those friends who were blowing up your phone when you were in love. What five songs would have to be on it?

Kareen Lomax:
Ready Yet” – Sasha Sloan
Miss You” – Clean Bandit feat. Julia Michaels
Side Effects” – Ty Dolla $ign
Talk is Overrated” – Jeremy Zucker feat. Blackbear
Black Jeep” – Marc E. Bassy

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