Miss Eaves Slays Once Again

Arts and crafts are a normal part of every upbringing. Using the typical was not for Miss Eaves though, the feminist rapper utilized her favorite cereal boxes to make sick jewelry. Perhaps it was those days with sugary cardboard that played a part in shaping her style as she compared her sound to that of Froot Loops; “bright, fun, and a little silly.”

That blend helped land her on a tour overseas. So she packed a bag and left North Carolina. Then a mix of spontaneity and wanting a change in her life led Miss Eaves to avoid a plane back home after the tour. She soon found herself like Kevin McCallister – surrounded by the vast opportunities New York City had to offer. But instead of spending her time focused on avoiding the Sticky Bandits, she worked on her music.

Music that includes 2017’s hit “Thunder Thighs” and what’s soon to be yet another “Paper Mache (Single AF).” We talked about both, her Every Body Project and what’s coming up!

Kendra: We have to start with what’ll be an anthem for those single riders out there, “Paper Mache (Single AF).” Especially for the millennials who aren’t about that relationship status life. Why do you think this generation isn’t about settling down as fast as their parents or even older siblings had?

Miss Eaves: I think the nuclear family has become less and less of a necessity for so many people in our generation. We are able to be more open about what relationship structures actually work best for us, even though these options might have been taboo for our parents and people from older generations.

I also think in previous generations marriage was more about finances and security, whereas now people may have more unrealistic expectations about finding the perfect partner that will be all things to them (thus refusing to settle), but to be honest, no one person can be all things to anyone.

Kendra: Last year “Thunder Thighs” blew up in the feminist realm. I was seeing and hearing about it all the time! I’d love to hear your take on a topic I’ve explored here before. It seems like in the ’80s women like Joan Jett and Madonna were all about owning their message. Then came the ’90s and while TLC and En Vogue were bringing it, a wave of bubblegum pop shoved women into a box that made them the object and not the boss. When do you feel like we shifted back? Like when did women start to realize they are not just here to perform but to inform?

Miss Eaves: I think women have always known this but I think mainstream media chooses to only SHOW women shoved into boxes. Shoving people into boxes (that most people can’t fit in) is really good for capitalism. So it would make sense that marketers would try to portray the “coolest/sexiest/most appealing” way to be a woman as this impossible standard that most people can not meet. I think it’s important for us to be real with ourselves and ask “what do we really want?” and live that truth genuinely and bravely.

Kendra: Along with music you also have The Every Body Project, which is wonderful by the way. This along with your music, you’re a big advocate when it comes to self-love. Is this something you’ve always had in you or did you have to find that self-love just like many of us?

Miss Eaves: I, like most people, have struggled with loving myself. My music and art are really like self-therapy for me, but I am also glad it is also helping others!

Kendra: Other than the new album this year, what else can fans look out for?

Miss Eaves: I am playing an official showcase in SXSW this year and starting to plan a mini West Coast tour this September. I also want to make a couple more videos supporting my new EP. Just for giggles, I am making short craft videos called “Bitch I Made It.”

Kendra: With Valentine’s Day coming up if you had to make a mixtape for the perfect Single AF V-Day which five songs would be on it?

Miss Eaves:
Lizzo – “En Love
Jungle Pussy – “Bling Bling
Robyn – “Dancing on My Own
Single Ladies – “Beyonce
Boyfriend – “Like My Hand Did


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