Take a Wild Ride with Demar

Typically anyone who teaches themselves how to play an instrument or two would be seen as disciplined. Demar said that’s far from the case when it comes to her story. Instead of going to her lessons she was hanging out with her friends, so her parents eventually stopped paying. So Demar had to go ahead and teach herself.

The soulful pop singer noted, “I honestly just started looking up tutorials on YouTube or having friends show me things. I got to the point where I realized if I wanted this to go any further I needed to be able to write songs and I needed to be able to accompany myself so I could play live. That’s what led me to learning the basics.”

The basics eventually led her to live in London, her debut EP Rebels and touring with Howie Day. She shared about all of that and then some.

Kendra: You’ve lived a few places and call New York City home now, but what made you initially move to London when you were starting to really focus on your music?

Demar: I wanted to push myself to experience something out of my comfort zone so I could learn and grow. I’m a person that likes to learn by doing. So to me, the best way to learn about being on my own and relying on myself was to put myself in that situation. I always dreamed of London and knew it would be a great place to feel inspired musically.

Kendra: Artists definitely pick up little things from everywhere when it comes to their style. When it comes to Rebels, are we hearing that London scene you left behind or is this record full-on NYC from start to finish?

Demar: I think Rebels is a combination of both places. I started writing the record in London and finished it in NYC and Miami. So, I think there are bits from all of those places injected in there. I love many genres of music so I think you can hear that reflected as well.

Kendra: Taking a note from your catalog, in terms of your life so far – what’s the most “Wild Ride” you’ve been on?

Demar: I think the ride of releasing this music into the world and just continuing to grow and build from that. Hearing people’s reaction and that people you don’t even know connect to your music is a pretty insane and beautiful thing.

Kendra: We have to talk about the music that you grew up on. TLC, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah. They are the cream of the crop, and I feel like what they did is missing in the here and now in the mainstream at least. Do you feel that way, like that style of R&B, is a bit MIA when it comes to Top 40 nowadays?

Demar: I do but I feel like it’s slowly being brought back into the current scene. I’m hearing 90’s and early 2000’s influence in the music coming out now and I think that’s really exciting because in my opinion that was one of the best times in music.

Kendra: Back to you and everything you’ve got going on. Rebels is out now, so what’s next? Any 2018 plans?

Demar: Yes! I just got finished my first tour which was supporting Howie Day. That was so much fun and I hope to tour more this year. I have some NYC shows coming up which you can find out about on my social media. I’m also releasing a music video for “Wild Ride” VERY soon and have more live video stuff coming. I’m really excited about it!

Kendra: Making a new home in NYC, if you had to make a mixtape for the life you’ve created there as an artist – what five songs would have to be on it?

Demar: Such a hard question!! Here we go:
Perfect Places” by Lorde
Feel It Still” – Lido Remix by Portugal. The Man & Lido
Bellyache” by Billie Eilish
Moves” by Big Sean
Gyal You A Party Animal” – Remix by Charly Black & Daddy Yankee


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