From One Stage to Another Shalyah Fearing Works Them All

Shalyah Fearing admits that even though she was singing since she could speak, she was happy her parents intervened. They noticed her love of music and stepped in. With vocal and piano lessons in her life by nine, she was on her way to great things.

Some of those including the theater. Appreciative of her time on stage at 12, she said she’d definitely love to head back to the musical theater in the future. For right now though she’s focused on her career in music. With a beautiful, soulful pop tone she was able to impress on The Voice. Now she’s out on her own with her latest single “I’ll Get Over You.” We talked about that, what’s to come from the 17-year-old and more.

Kendra: Many may recognize you as part of The Voice family. Now there’s been a cascade of different coaches to come through. Was there a coach that wasn’t a part of your season that you would’ve appreciated working with just as much?

Shalyah Fearing: Being on Team Christina, Pharrell, and Adam was just amazing because I’ve learned so much from each coach. I would have loved to work with Miley Cyrus just as much. She has the ability to listen to a rendition of a song and make it even better than what it already was.

Kendra: Let’s talk about “I’ll Get Over You.” It finds the balance of light and dark in a breakup, but still brings forth a sense of empowerment. In recent years a lot of women have been giving us these types of anthems. What do you think sparked that change in songwriting? Going from the hopeless romantic to the ruthless Wonder Woman?

Shalyah Fearing: K Nita is the main writer of “I’ll Get Over You,” and clearly she’s a natural born lyricist. I have never really experienced heartbreak, but I was able to take this song and deliver such powerful emotions because I know some friends who have. These lyrics are beautifully written and relatable to many people. “I’ll Get Over You,” has turned out to be great because of K Nita, my team Katylist and I.

Kendra: Only 17, what are your major goals to achieve by 30? Are any of those on your to-do list in 2018?

Shalyah Fearing: By the age of 30 I will have already set my mark in this world while inspiring many. This is my goal and I will achieve it with the help of my fans, my family, and my team. Now in 2018, I am still working towards that goal.

Kendra: Say your best friend just got dumped. Of course, you’re going to send her “I’ll Get Over You,” but what other five tracks would be on that mixtape?

Shalyah Fearing:
Tink- “Treat Me Like Somebody
Beyoncé- “Best Thing I Never Had
Gnash- “I Hate You, I Love You
Demi Lovato “Fix a Heart
Emeli Sande- “Suitcase


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