Eves Karydas Proves To Be There For You

Photo Credit: Clare Gillen

You have to go all in when you’re passionate about something. Dipping your toe in is never enough. Pop songstress Eves Karydas knows that all too well. She packed up her life in Australia, hopped on a plane set for London and has been planting some new roots there for some time now. Making quite the impression with her single, “There For You” she decided to give an acoustic makeover and honestly, either way is a good audible time. We chatted on her reasoning for redoing her own tune, settling in a new land and one of the most romantic movies I’m sure you’ve all seen.

Kendra: You’re all wrapped up with “There For You” and then decide to drop an acoustic version. What is your process for giving your tracks a music makeover?

Eves Karydas: I first try to see whether the song can be approached from a new angle because I don’t think all songs can. It’s fun to play with the intimacy. Decide whether to make it closer, or further away. I grew up playing guitar so I’m pretty partial to it when I want to strip a song back (but I obviously love piano too).

Kendra: Of all places, “There For You” was penned after watching The Notebook. Was there one scene, in particular, that got the wheels turning in your head or was it as soon as the credits rolled?

Eves Karydas: It was the whole story, start to finish. The dramatic nostalgia of it all. It made me feel fearless with my emotions.

Kendra: An Australia native, you made the move to London. Other than friends and family, what was the hardest thing to leave behind?

Eves Karydas: The warmth and the way the air always smells herbal.

Kendra: Have you found your footing in the local London music scene?

Eves Karydas: It’s so big and diverse but I’ve found my own little nook within it. I adore everyone I collaborate with and feel so lucky to be able to work on music in London.

Kendra: What does the new year hold for you? More singles, an album, shows?

Eves Karydas: All of the above!!

Kendra: Inspired by a movie with your latest single, if you had to make a mixtape of the greatest songs from movie soundtracks – what 5 would have to be on it?

Eves Karydas:
Mystery of Love” – Call Me By Your Name
Everybody’s Talkin” – Midnight Cowboy
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” – Dirty Dancing
In Your Eyes” – Say Anything…
Tiny Dancer” – Almost Famous


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