Tee Krispil Finds Solace in Rhyme


Tee Krispil came up in a community she notes was “heavily into hip-hop.” So when she started to take more of in interest, it wasn’t out of the norm for the Scottish/Moroccan/Jewish girl to start laying down her own tracks. For Tee, it was more than the music. It was a calling. A sense of something bigger. Like a spiritual awakening Tee Krispil dove deep into her new passion as a fan, and out came an artist. She talked to Golden Mixtape about finding that connection, her latest single “Let It Slide” and more.

Kendra: You have a very rich heritage but I can see why you needed something to connect to. What about hip-hop reached you on a spiritual level?

Tee Krispil: It was Guru who I first found as a spiritual teacher. I was already sparking the light to the beginning of my spiritual quest when I came across Jazzmatazz Vol. 1 and it was a game changer. It brought spiritual concepts to life, but with style. It taught me how to be a good listener, and it showed me the importance of music as a teacher.

Kendra: Coming up you fell in love with a lot of ’90s artists. Of course, some would say that’s the golden age and you can’t touch it but are there any modern day emcees you feel can match up to the likes of Biggie and Tupac?

Tee Krispil: Kendrick. J Cole. Hmm..that’s about it. There are golden age cats that are still making good music though, and there are definitely people who I don’t view as “golden age” who I see as more “modern” who killed/kill it- Missy Elliot for example. She’s queen.

Kendra: I feel like as much as the lyrics are important, the beat is just as special in hip-hop. Do you ever think of one before the other?

Tee Krispil: For sure, sometimes I write to shitty “type beats” to just lay out a versatile verse or two, while other times the lyrics are made specifically to match the given beat.

Kendra: What was the case with “Let It Slide?” Now the video. Is that what a typical night out is life for you?

Tee Krispil: I wrote “Let It Slide” with a homie as a back and forward piece, meant to be rapped between us, back and forth. I wrote it to a completely different beat, and it changed dramatically when I put it over Moxsa’s production. As for the video, if by “smoking weed and eating” is what you’re asking, then yes, it’s a typical night for me, haha. But really, I do like to go out every so often but much prefer staying in with the girls, smoking weed, listening to good music, and above all else- eating.

Kendra: You’ve noted that music has taught you to find your voice and stand up for yourself. If you had to sum that up that sentiment in one song, which would it be?

Tee Krispil: My first solo recording “Younity.” It’s the first track I played around with singing on, and it helped me voice the things I find important like uniting forces with potent humans for our betterment.

Kendra: What is going on with you in the new year that you can tell us about?

Tee Krispil: I’ve got my EP coming out, a couple more videos, and some tracks from my group The People North West. I’ve been making some tracks with Toronto’s producer- Memorecks, which I’m stoked about. I’m still working on growing my business, and working a full-time job. But ya, music is the focus. Lots of new stuff in the works.

Kendra: You found yourself in not only hip-hop but yoga as well. If you had to make a mixtape for a hip-hop inspired yoga class – what five songs would have to be on it?

Tee Krispil: Haha, funny you should ask. I actually used to run a hybrid yoga series that was called Hip-Hop Hatha. It was a 3-week course where we had differently themed hip-hop yoga classes every week. Week 1 was all the woke tunes from BlackStar, Common, Tupac, etc. Week 2 was all Wu-Tang Instrumentals and Week 3 was Ladies of Hip Hop! It was super fun coming up with the track lists!

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