Kat Meoz Celebrates Christmas The LA Way

We’ve all heard Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” It seems to have become the official holiday song. Kicking “Jingle Bell’s” ass to the curb. Here’s the thing though, where’s the holiday cheer from the rock world at? A modern day rock track that can possibly take some plays away from MC? Well, we’ve found it with Kat Meoz “Christmas in Hollywood.” The track is a part of the one and only Rodney Bingenheimer’s Santa’s Got a GTO, Vol. 2. We talked with Kat about working with the KROQ legend who left the air this year, the garage rock scene in LA and how the city inspires her on a daily basis.

Kendra: Was this the first time you two connected for a project?

Kat Meoz: For a recording project yes, but the same month the Christmas project came up (August), I was asked to play last minute on a night he was throwing at the Viper Room. It felt special to play live for him that night, it was the second time we had ever met.

Kendra: Had you ever thought to drop a Christmas song before Rodney called you up and you recorded “Christmas in Hollywood?”

Kat Meoz: Yes, I always wanted to record my own Christmas song but it’s easy to forget to do because you have to have it finished and ready to go in the summer. Usually, I get to November and kick myself for not remembering to do it.

Kendra: For you, what are the holidays like in Los Angeles? I love it. It’s like everyone leaves and you can finally breathe a bit. How about you?

Kat Meoz: Agreed, if LA felt year-round how it is during the holidays it would be just perfect. I usually leave town at the last minute and get to enjoy the calm a bit too. I’ve only spent two Thanksgivings in LA, Friendsgivings, never Christmas.

Kendra: This holiday song is about Hollywood and you also have “LA Don’t Love You.” Your locale seems to be a creative trigger for you, but is there one specific place in LA that ignites your spark?

Kat Meoz: LA inspires me, every song I’ve released was written in Los Angeles. I go for hikes at Griffith a lot or walk around Echo Park Lake to center myself while listening to music under the sun. My spark is fast ignited by deadlines, I can write anywhere in any time crunch if I have a pending deadline. I wrote “Christmas in Hollywood” in my bedroom in an hour, sitting on my bed with an SG. I needed it to be done that day so I could suss it out with a drummer before we’d record it two days later.

Kendra: It seems like every genre has a specific area. Metalheads are always at The Whisky. Hipsters hang in Echo Park. Where is the garage rock scene in this city of almost four million?

Kat Meoz: I’ve found the garage rock scene to be in Highland Park, Echo Park, Frog Town or DTLA.

Kendra: You recently had a show over at the Hi-Hat. How’d that go? Can we expect more before the end of the year, are you taking a holiday break?

Kat Meoz: The Hi Hat felt really good, I got a 100-inch screen hung up to show my videos and play live to them, it was really fun. No performances left this year but I have a rehearsal coming up just before Christmas for an all-female Traveling Wilburys type project I was invited to be a part of. We’ll record and film a song in January. After that, I’ll be traveling home to Las Vegas and I’ll spend New Years in Arizona where I’ve scheduled a jam on the 2nd with a rocking drummer I’ve always wanted to play with.

Kendra: What plans do you have on deck as we head into the new year?

Kat Meoz: Bodan Kuma is releasing my new EP 1st quarter and the video for “Here I Wait” that was just screened at The Hi Hat will be released as well. It’s somewhat educational, all about the author Richard Brautigan. Everyone should read Brautigan. I’m starting to rework demos for my third release so I’ll get back in the studio at some point and hopefully set up a tour for between the two releases.

Kendra: Say you were throwing a holiday party this year and had to make a mixtape. What five songs would have to be on it?

Kat Meoz:
Chuck Berry “Run Rudolph Run
Sex Pistols “Punk Rock Christmas
The Who “Christmas
The Kinks “Father Christmas
Queen – “Thank God It’s Christmas

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