Joelina Drews Raises the Skybar

With her dad a reality show figure, it wasn’t surprising when Joelina Drews found herself in that same position a couple of years ago. She notes that being a part of Stepping Out was full of “amazing experiences” but wants to look ahead. “I want to focus more on my musical career rather than TV appearances.”

Which is exactly what she’s doing. The German-born pop songstress is stunning audiences with her debut single, “Skybar.” Inspired by a night out in LA, she opened up about how her new home inspires her. Joelina also lets us know what’s up next and even gave us a little Oktoberfest.

Kendra: Was there any pressure placed on you to go down an artist’s path since you grew up in a creative home?

Joelina Drews: Not at all! My parents always supported my wish to make music but they never pushed me to do something. It rather inspired me to grow up in such a musical environment that I was always pushing myself to get better and better because I’m inherently a very hard working person.

Kendra: Right now we’re all focused on your single “Skybar.” Inspired by a rooftop bar in LA, was that inspiration over a few nights at the bar or did it take one time to get your pen writing?

Joelina Drews: It actually just came out of me after one special night at the Skybar at Mondrian, but I had a couple amazing times there! It’s one of my favorite locations in LA. But it’s always like this when I’m writing: I always need a trigger that sparks my creativity for a new song.

Kendra: LA has a lot of culture around, but you aren’t one to abandon your own. You’ve been known to frequent some Oktoberfest here and there. Is that your way of staying close to your German roots while in the states?

Joelina Drews: To be completely honest, I was just attending Oktoberfest because I love going out and everything that is fun! Not necessarily because of my German roots. Oktoberfest is definitely an annual event where you can have a good time with good people!

I love experiencing new cultures and their traditions. Next year, I’d love to try some new things in LA, like Coachella for example!

Kendra: Going back to LA though, have any other spots inspired you in the same way as the rooftop bar?

Joelina Drews: Yes! I wrote a song about the West Coast called “Drive” that will hopefully be released soon! There’s a lot about LA that inspires me! I just love the vibe, the weather, and the people!

Kendra: With 2018 approaching, do you have any plans set for the new year?

Joelina Drews: I’ll definitely release more music and am working on an album!

Kendra: Say you had to plan the perfect Oktoberfest party, what five songs would be on the mixtape for the night?

Joelina Drews: Haha, that’s funny actually, because at Oktoberfest they would never listen to the music I like but more to German folk music.

So let’s put a list together that I would love:
24K Magic” by Bruno Mars
Everyday” by Ariana Grande
Rather Be with You” by Sinead Harnett
“Dead” by Madison Beer
Attention” by Charlie Puth


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